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Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.1 - Countdown to Chaos
It All Begins Here! Moving at the speed of sound, keeping the world free from robotic tyranny, it's Sonic the Hedgehog! Spin-dashing directly out of the mega-smash Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Collide story arc, "Countdown to Chaos" speeds into brand new comic book stories with new friends, new foes and new adventures! The entire planet has been rocked
Sonic Super Digest #13-16
4 issues pages | 227.3 мb.

Tags: Sonic Super Digest Big the Cat Dr. Ellidy Nicole Sonic
Get ready for fun & adventure, it's Sonic Super Digest! Don't miss all the classic fun and adventure you love in stories from the comics' 20-plus year history as Sonic and his friends embark on daring adventures, face evil villains and save the day one chili dog at a time! Spin into the fun that only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring!
Dark Corridor #03
31 pages | 30.2 мb.

Tags: Dark Corridor Carter Nicole
Carter burns his money as the big-Baller. In addition, we see that death at the hands of deadly Scalinas daughter Nicole.
Dark Corridor #02
30 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Dark Corridor Carter Nicole
Carter burns his money as the big-Baller. In addition, we see that death at the hands of deadly Scalinas daughter Nicole.
Sonic Universe #74
The final battle for the fate of the digital world is here! "Spark of Life" Part Four: It's pandemonium in abundance in this stunning conclusion to the "spark of life" story arc! Who or what is the phage? Introduction is not necessary; it creates havoc for our heroes anyway! Tails and Big-threatening badniks and dark Gaia Monsters so! Chaos
Sonic Universe #73
24 pages | 30.3 мb.

Tags: Sonic Universe Dr. Ellidy Nicole Princess Sally
It begins with a spark! "Spark of Life", Part 3: The Shocking Truth exposed as Dr. Ellidy shows the tragic origin favorite AI, Nicole! Meanwhile, the phage breaks out of the shadows of the digital world to sew chaos on the island! Can our heroes unite to save Nicole and drive off this new threat? Evening, and horrible monsters coming! Do not miss
Sonic Universe #72
What monsters lurking in the shadowy isolated island? Find out for yourself in the "spark of life" Part Two: Things are very scary in the laboratory of Dr. Ellidy! His defense going badnik forum - which is bad news when there is a dark Gaia monsters wandering the shores of the night! Sally and investigate the mystery of the Great Red Star Rings as
Sonic Universe #71
ALL-New History ARC! "Spark of Life" Part One: Nicole detects a distress signal from the digital world, but how can this be if no one needs to know about the digital world?! Sally, tails and large have to go to an isolated island, to help answer the call! Who is Dr. Ellidy? and how it relates to the life of Sally and Nicole? Thanks to a stunning
Sonic the Hedgehog #260
Underwater journey with Sonic the Hedgehog in the first chapter of the epic saga of the new ! " Waves of Change " , part one. What could be worse than the world is destroyed to pieces ? How about dark monsters rising from the abyss ? While Sonic and the Freedom Fighters race to find the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples, Sonic ends up discovering a
Sonic the Hedgehog #254
The long-awaited debut of the new freedom fighters continues! Secrets of the deep Sonic and Tails find his long-lost PAL Antoine ! But the fact that the state of our earlier fell associate of freedom? What research Uncle Chuck found that the dark forces that they have found seeping out of the ground ? And it is hardly a return character you would
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