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Sonic Universe #77
The next chapter in the thrilling Sonic / Mega Man "Worlds Unite" crossover event begins here! "Worlds Unite" Part Five: Worlds Sonic and Mega Man are connected together Sigma, and it's going to take an army full of common characters, to make it right! Scratch, he's going to take some heroes and villains are some! When the mysterious and malicious
Sonic the Hedgehog #272
Timeout, the worlds are united crossover event is almost upon us! "Ray of Hope": Like Sonic and the freedom fighters continue their journey to rescue the ruined planet, Sonic and Chip uncover the secrets of the journey Apotos Gaia gate! Meanwhile, Knuckles and freedom fighters to take on the challenge of titanic own! Any Sonic hope to save the
Sonic Universe #75
Sonic Universe reached 75 challenging questions, and we celebrate in style! "Fury": race against as Sonic Metal Sonic pursues down for one of the most popular Chaos Emeralds! But when they chase takes them in a very unexpected place, worth Sonic as a hero can be put to the test! Sonic can win, provide an emerald and keep it at the end of
Sonic Super Digest #09
Be prepared for the SUPER special edition Super Sonic Digest! It offers ALL-New History of Continuing hit SONIC comic art Origin mini explosions in your hands, as this bustling southern belle, Bunny Rabbot, occupies a central place! Learn how each bomber favorite rabbit overcame her tragic disability to grow in the struggle for freedom powerhouse
Sonic the Hedgehog #268
Check your power with the first chapter in a brand new 4-part saga! "Champions", part one: Sonic in his fight for life! Casino Park holds an epic battle tournament, and the grand prize coveted Chaos Emerald! How many fighters answer the call? What champions do list? Knockdown entrainment battle for the world starts right here! With the new cover
Sonic the Hedgehog #266
"Ambushed," Part 1 Sonic needs some inner peace, but it will take more than yoga and meditation! He is looking for leadership mentor mighty battleship, Moss sloth. Sage sage can help tame the wild Sonic Werehog in? Meanwhile, Sally leads the freedom fighters in the restoration of the Chaos Emerald - but it could be leading them right into a trap?
Sonic the Hedgehog #261
"Waves of Change", the second part! Sonic, Amy, and rotor - in the deep sea and in deeper trouble! When their new friend Coral already interrupted her government will Sonic and the freedom fighters to stand next to her? Or they will risk becoming fugitives? Then, in "The Light in the dark," simple plans raid Sally can change for the worse! With
Sonic the Hedgehog #260
Underwater journey with Sonic the Hedgehog in the first chapter of the epic saga of the new ! " Waves of Change " , part one. What could be worse than the world is destroyed to pieces ? How about dark monsters rising from the abyss ? While Sonic and the Freedom Fighters race to find the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples, Sonic ends up discovering a
Sonic Comic Origins and Mega Man X Free Comic Book Day Edition #01
His two free comics in one! Hot off the heels of the case of the ultra-successful Sonic / Mega Man crossover, "Worlds Collide", comes the problem showcase of the hottest new storylines in the universes of both characters - exclusively for Free Comic Book Day! Somic Star "Blast to the past" and the origin of his freedom fighters! Then, on the
Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Comic Origins (FCBD)
His two penalties comics in one! Hot five successful case of ultra-sonic / Mega Man crossover, "Worlds Collide", comes the problem showcase the hottest new storylines in the universes of both characters - only for Free Comic Book Day! Somic star in "Blast to the past" and the origin of their freedom fighters! Then, on the back of this issue to
Sonic the Hedgehog #257
"Countdown" is over, "Chaos" has just begun! "Damage Control": destroyed the world causing havoc throughout the world, and Station Square is going to explode ! Sonic and the freedom fighters should spring into action to save the day , if someone does not beat them to the punch. Cue: Dr. Eggman . Will the evil doctor be the one to save the world?
Sonic the Hedgehog #254
The long-awaited debut of the new freedom fighters continues! Secrets of the deep Sonic and Tails find his long-lost PAL Antoine ! But the fact that the state of our earlier fell associate of freedom? What research Uncle Chuck found that the dark forces that they have found seeping out of the ground ? And it is hardly a return character you would
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