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Cyber Force Sourcebook #1-2
The Cyber Force Universe Sourcebooks describe the various heroes, villians, locations and equipment in the Cyber Force world. Each character is also given power rankings which provide a rough estimate of their power levels.
Cyber Force - Rebirth Vol.2
153 pages | 390.7 мb.

Tags: Cyber Force - Rebirth Killjoy Ripclaw Stryker Velocity
Cyber Data has created a killing machine that not even they can control. Killjoy has been let loose on the world and nothing will stand in her way as she seeks revenge against her old adversary Ripclaw. Cyber Data has been exposed and Stryker, Velocity, and the others have one last shot at survival. As it turns out, CDI isn't the only power out to
Cyberforce #11
33 pages | 58.2 мb.

Tags: Cyberforce Ballistic Killjoy Ripclaw
The third arc starts with the implementation team that CDI is a necessary evil that even the worst things in the distance.
Cyberforce #10
33 pages | 63.3 мb.

Tags: Cyberforce Killjoy Ripclaw Stryker
CYBER FORCE reunited All Stryker ever wanted was to live the rest of his life in obscurity and enjoy the relative peace and quiet - but first he will have to lead an army into the womb Cyber ​​data and thousands SHOCs!
Cyber Force #07
34 pages | 55.6 мb.

Tags: Cyber Force Killjoy Velocity 2013
"Killjoy back!" part Two Killjoy was released. But who she should fear most? Recently reformed Cyber ??‹??‹force or its creators?
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