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Cyblade Ghost Rider #1
Ghost Rider is recruited by Eternity to hunt Mephisto in Top Cow universe; in the other New York City Cyblade mistakes him momentarily for a villain. Later they join forces to fight Hell's minions.
Cyber Force Vol.1 #0-4
First limited series by Marc Silvertri's creation about a team of cybergenetically modified beings freeing themselves from their creators. He introduces 5 new characters that makes their debut in the mainstream. Creations of Cyblade, Impact, Ripclaw, Heatwave and Velocity brings to life the story of cybernetics to their full glory.
Cyber Force Sourcebook #1-2
The Cyber Force Universe Sourcebooks describe the various heroes, villians, locations and equipment in the Cyber Force world. Each character is also given power rankings which provide a rough estimate of their power levels.
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