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Pirate Eye - Exiled from Exile #04
Face to face with his old enemy finally Smitty's fighting for his life and for their future. But Burrows has very different plans for oboih.Zahvatyvayuschee conclusion of this critically acclaimed storyline!
Pirate Eye Vol.1
113 pages | 138.5 мb.

Tags: Pirate Eye Carl Yonder Josiah Grahn
Once a pirate with a keen eye to find wealth in unexpected places, rubbish now lives in exile from the sea. Landlocked , it has carved out a new niche as a " seeker " , a person who , for the price , will use the same skills that served him as a treasure hunting scoundrel to unearth any object , person, or private. As his reputation and workload
Pirate Eye - Murder At Ten Knots
This murder mystery on the high seas in the tale of a dirty past Smitty as a pirate! When the first officer is brutally murdered, Captain Smitty turns to him for answers. But the evidence is misleading, and the curious business Smitty his crew will have consequences even he can not imagine.
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