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Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks #05
Archer Coe is a professional hypnotist, as well as the main suspect in a serial murder. Fortunately for him, the man in the mask has an alibi, his beautiful client, hope Midland, which Archer tries to help with her family problems. Sorry, these problems only seemed to multiply while he was around. In the absence of g-Midland, things began to heat
Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks #03
Archer Coe meets Nadia Midland and starts to treat it using your hypnosis to dive into her mind and search out the truth behind her family problems with Jack. But what he sees Archer does not match what Jack told him, and hope seems to be hiding secrets even he can not reveal.
Pirate Eye - Murder At Ten Knots
This murder mystery on the high seas in the tale of a dirty past Smitty as a pirate! When the first officer is brutally murdered, Captain Smitty turns to him for answers. But the evidence is misleading, and the curious business Smitty his crew will have consequences even he can not imagine.
X #07
Manipulative setter lieutenant instructed Ruidoso rookie team and other honest cops to capture X, knowing that X code will not let him fight back dead. As X battle Dogs of War in toxic sewer Arcadia, Ruidoso has to make a choice.
Bo Plushy Gangsta - Kingdom of BO #02
There are legends Bo, "Teddy Bear" gangsta, right? And we just said teddy bear gangsta?? You are going to find out - when the girls get caught on Bo rival gang boss, scary plush Gangsta forced into action! Bo Plushy is Scarface meets Ted, with over-the-top video game style gang boss battles.
Chambers #04
Part 4 of 4. Drugs Director Dennis Chambers comes from a family of law enforcement. Now, someone takes them one by one, and it will have to find out who has the ax to her family tree before it is too late.
Legends of the Dark Knight #72
The Dark Knight must find out why the victims of the creature dies, even if they escape the first attack - because its main ally in the GCPD lies dying in the hospital! "Hell's Bells" Part 3.
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