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Amazing Spider-Man #06
The final record of the first arc of Amazing Spider-Man, where all hell will collapse on Peter Parker. Parker Industries promised a humane and safe super-villain detention system, but Black Cat and Electro have other ideas ... Secrets of silk were found!
Amazing Spider-Man #01.4
Witness another secret chapter of the first days of Spider-Man! What started as a fun-and-games for the new villain Clash turns deadly serious. As if that was not enough, the classic Spider-Man villain to join the fun!
Superior Spider-Man #32
SUPERIOR Spiderman STARTED edge SPIDER-verse! Extra size monumental issue, including stories, drawn by the living legend ADAM Kubert (ORIGIN 2, AVX)! How Superior Spider-Man is still around? Where is he? What is he doing? Road to SPIDER-verse starts here!
Ultimatum - Spider-Man Requiem #01-02 Complete
Spider-Man has fallen and finite universe will never be the same. Join Brian Bendis, Stuart Immonen and original series artist Mark Bagley as they begin a two-part story celebrating the heroism of your friendly neighborhood Webslinger as written by none other than ... J. Jonah Jameson (?). Featuring never-before-seen art by MARK Bagley.
Amazing Spider-Man #01.2
Crusade J. Jonah Jameson against Spider-Man kicks into overdrive! He warned us! He told us that the children might try to imitate Spider-Man! And he was right! Meet COLLISION, the newest threat in New York. It may be the biggest fan of Spidey, but he's going to be one of his worst enemies. Wanted by police, turned away from the Fantastic Four, his
Daredevil the Fall of The Kingpin (TPB)
Nick Fury and S.H.I.EL.D. will seek to destroy his criminal empire. Baron Von Strucker and Hydra will covet resources and assets it holds. A man without fear will see that justice prevails. And Wilson Fisk, Kingpin of Crime, will fight for his life. Frank Miller and David Massucchelli began in the critically acclaimed "born again" saga Daredevils,
Giant-Size Spider-Man #01
Young Peter Parker is a favorite target of high school bullies . " But all that changes the day a scientific experiment goes wrong, and Peter begins to transform ! When personal tragedy Peter teaches a harsh lesson in responsibility , he must find the strength to become a hero! Can the new Spider-Man to master their new powers in time to take on
Amazing Spider-Man #01.1
First year: learning to crawl! He sought revenge ... and found himself responsible. From that night on, started a new life. Join Peter Parker as he takes his first steps to learn her way in the world as Spider-Man. Chapter you never knew about the story you know by heart. Dan Slott (SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN flare) and Ramon Perez (Eisner Award-winning
Annex #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 52.8 мb.

Tags: Annex Abner Dunson Brace Dr. Hillman Barto J. Jonah Jameson
From the pages of his debut in Amazing Spider-man Annual 27, Annex leaps into his very own mini-series!
Superior Spider-Man Annual #02
The Last Temptation ... Green Goblin Phil Urich! As a nation consumes Goblin New York World Supreme Spider-Man on fire! Who will rise? Who will fall? No one will be the same after this!
Howard the Duck Vol.1 #01-33 + Annual Complete
The first volume of Howard the duck. This series has been on hiatus for more than 6 years, but resumed in 1986 with the release of 32 and 33, then the series is over. Break, and then end the series was mainly due to a legal conflict that had a character. Disney has decided that it is too much as look-out, Donald Duck, and creator / writer Steve
Superior Spider-Man #29
"Goblin Nation" - Part 3 of 5 Spider-Slayer squadron were to be controlled by Mayor JJ Jameson to ... But now ... they were called to the goblin nation! Guest Cast: Spider-Man 2099!
What If - Aunt May Had Died Instead of Uncle Ben #01
When a burglar breaks , it kills Aunt May instead of Uncle Ben. Peter goes after robber and ends up killing him. Before the arrival of the police , Ben gets there and has Peter leave, confessing to police that he was a murderer instead. He was sent to prison, and Peter ends up giving the fact that Spider-Man as a hero. Later, Peter placed in
Spider-Man Adventures #01-15 Complete
A comic book series based off the animated Spider-Man TV show from the 1990's.
Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW
"Goblin Nation" № 1 (5) The so-called Superior Spider-Man failed. Under his supervision, the Green Goblin took control of the underworld of New York. It's all my fault Otto Octavius​​. "Now it is his duty to take down Goblin. Win or lose, it should be the greatest battle Otto. Whatever you do, do not miss the first chapter of the largest
Marvel Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man #10
This 40-yard-chaos as our brave Peter Parker should take the robot soccer team went awry! Then, a misunderstanding between police and smashed J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man used to take on the world, but he can fight the entire city of New York? Do not wait for the weekend to pick up the next adventure superstar DisneyXD at your comic shop now!
Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #03
The question everyone is asking: Will Miles Morales survive the cataclysm??
Young Allies #01-06 Complete
In the tradition of the original World War Two Young Allies Comics, a new team of young superheroes begins in the heroic age. Series should be constant, but was canceled because of Issue 6 due to failing sales. Issue 7 was requested, but has not been published. The series was continued in several Onslaught unleashed. Issue 3 of this series was the
Superior Spider-Man #21
Necessary Evil CONCLUDES! The moment that changes the world of Spider-Man - and the Marvel Universe for years to come. What Spider-Man is responsible for such things? Spider-Man 2099, or the Supreme Spider-Man? The main event for the cast and Spider-Man ... and in the future.
Spider-Man Unlimited Vol.2 #0.5-5 Complete
Accompanying comic book series 1999 - 2000 Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon series. He came out at the same time as the comic Avengers United they stand, another series of Marvel Comic accompanying the new Avengers cartoon of the day.
Superior Spider-Man #20
Necessary Evil CONCLUDES! The moment that changes the world of Spider-Man - and the Marvel Universe for years to come. What Spider-Man is responsible for such things? Spider-Man 2099, or the Supreme Spider-Man? The main event for the cast and Spider-Man ... and in the future.
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