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Sergio Aragones Boogeyman #01-04 Complete
We saw how he was doing this for many years in Mad Magazine, and now Sergio Aragones introduces a new series for Dark Horse, taking a twisted look at genres that readers Comics hold most dear. If you notice how serious horror books take themselves lately, Boogeyman will be a breath of fresh air to blow right through boneyard! Follow the latest
Chase #01-09, 1000000 Complete
Cameron Chase is late for her first day of work at the Department of Extranormal operations. Everything related to the meta-humans fall under their jurisdiction, including in Ohio teenager who threw a fire starting. Chase immediately sent to Ohio, along with the head of field personnel Sandy Barrett, to find the man who started burning things.
Iron Man - The Iron Age #01-02 Complete
Republic Oil has campaigned against Stark Industries. They also have a terrorist hands, "The Dogs of War." This group threatens gathering of world leaders, but is destroyed by the efforts of infiltration and Iron Man.
Sabretooth - Back to Nature
Despite the fact that the book is called " Back to Nature " , another name for "Homicidal Tendencies" , is located inside the comic. This comic consists of a prologue and three chapters: Prologue: In Estevan Point , a small coastal town in the island of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada , a young married couple , Peter Bedford and his
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