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I Am An Avenger #01-05 Complete
This mini - series is a collection of short stories , both serious and comic , and focuses on a few characters who were associated with the Avengers at one time or another. The most interesting reading, however, is the closure of a story that takes place in the number 2 , 3 and 4, where the former couple Firestar and justice has to team up with
Avengers Prime #01-05 Complete
They were friends, brothers and teammates through all of the great adventures of Marvel, but recent events turned them into the bitterest of enemies. In the wake of the siege of Asgard, Thor , Iron Man and Steve Rogers has collected on the same side once more , but these great heroes can not truly trust each other yet . They better start soon,
Young Allies #01-06 Complete
In the tradition of the original World War Two Young Allies Comics, a new team of young superheroes begins in the heroic age. Series should be constant, but was canceled because of Issue 6 due to failing sales. Issue 7 was requested, but has not been published. The series was continued in several Onslaught unleashed. Issue 3 of this series was the
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