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Invincible Vol.20 - Friends
A new beginning for invulnerable as they, in turn, the dark path. Everything changes as Invincible betrayed by one of their own. You do not want to miss this volume! Collects INVINCIBLE # 109-114.
Invincible #116
31 pages | 41.5 мb.

Tags: Invincible Deborah Grayson Omni-Man
In the aftermath of the robot attempts to take over the world, the few survivors who have to pick up the pieces remain the world once familiar ... but now completely alien.
Invincible #115
29 pages | 58 мb.

Tags: Invincible Battle Beast Grand Regent Thragg
As the events of the world are becoming more acute, we turn our attention to the space ... we turn our attention to ... THRAGG VS. Battle Beast!
Invincible #114
The death toll finally reaches its end. Who will rise from the ashes?
Invincible #113
33 pages | 48.6 мb.

Tags: Invincible Anissa Atom Eve Brit D.A. Sinclair
The massacre continues.
Invincible #112
Robot continues his quest to take over the world, traveling on the road littered with blood-drenched fallen friends.
Invincible #111
33 pages | 47.8 мb.

Tags: Invincible Atom Eve Cecil Stedman Omni-Man Robot
The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman CREATOR WRITES INVINCIBLE! New beginning for INVINCIBLE as they in turn down the dark path. Everything changes as Invincible betrayed by one of his own. You do not want to miss this explosive issue number 1 ... 1 ... 1! It packs the punch of the three relaunched number one problem! In one book!
Invincible Vol.19 - The War at Home (TPB)
Collects INVINCIBLE # 103-108 Angstrom Levy returns to avenge Undefeated and everyone he holds dear.
Invincible Vol.18 - Death of Everyone (TPB)
Mark Grayson's whole life as a superhero, all that he had learned all that he endured, it's all been leading to this one moment. Will he become the hero he was ... or he chooses a different path? Collects issues # 97-102 of the greatest super hero comic in the universe.
Invincible #110
27 pages | 39.7 мb.

Tags: Invincible Anissa Atom Eve
All good things must come to an end.
Invincible Vol.17 - Whats Happening (TPB)
146 pages | 149 мb.

Tags: Invincible Atom Eve Monax Monster Girl Robot
New Invincible is still learning his way around his new identity, but waits for no evil --- so, one, of course, FLAXANS decided to invade our dimension again! Meanwhile, we finally find out what exactly happened between Robot and Monster Girl, when they are stuck in Flaxan measure - and how these events are related to the current invasion!
Invincible #109
What's that? After one hundred and nine questions ... things require a sharp turn.
Invincible Vol.2 - Eight is Enough
Includes issues # 5-8! Collection Issues 5-8 invincible! "Undefeated Family" is finally starting to get a handle on the whole superhero thing, while Mark plans for college and often referred to the Guardians of the globe, finally introduced in this feature-length trade paperback showing that undoubtedly is the most shocking and unexpected chapter
Invincible #108
Angstrom Levy life hangs in the balance. Undefeated for help?
Invincible - Family Matters
Back in print! Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. The only major difference being that his dad is the most powerful superhero on the planet! And, Mark seems to be inheriting his father's powers! See Mark thwart super-villains, alien invasions and all sorts of craziness, as he gets the hang of all this super-heroing stuff.
Tech Jacket Digital #01
33 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Tech Jacket Digital Invincible Tech Jacket
Tech Jacket returns in this new digital-only miniseries begins with Tech Jacket against Invincible?!
Invincible #107
Monax not deserve this life. Monster Girl has to deal with her ​​failure as a father (not a typo, it's complicated). All this time, the greatest enemy Undefeated never encountered ... plans to make his move.
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