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The best-selling 12-issue series illustrated by Alex Ross is now available as a single volume hardcover at DC's standard trim size. The villains of the Legion of Doom - led by Lex Luthor and Brainiac - band together to save the world after a shared dream that seems to be a vision of the Earth's demise. They are confronted by the Justice League of

Justice (2011)

Publisher: DC
Final Crisis #01-07 Complete
Seven issue mini-series. Morrison's most ambitious epic for DC affected the whole of the DC Universe and was the end result of years of careful planning. In the opening issue, the murder of the New God Orion hinted at the apocalyptical events to follow. Orion's murder was investigated by both detective Dan Turpin and the Green Lantern Corps, while
Aquaman #38
23 pages | 44.4 мb.

Tags: Aquaman Daniel Evans Gorilla Grodd Mera Solovar
Arthur feels terrible consequences of his battle with Gorilla Grodd and real threat to his mother's return grows closer!

Aquaman #38 (2015)

Publisher: DC
Secret Society of Super-Villains #01-17 Complete
Scribe Gerry Conway and artist Pablo Marcos gathered a group of DC's most wanted for the current serii.Nedobrosovestnye heap, including the master, and Sinestro, became the Secret Society of Super Villains. Uber-villain Darkseid originally took orders Froma cloneof deceased Manhunter, who sought to channel the energy of the villains in more
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