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George R.R. Martin - Power Behind the Thrones
It is an epic story of how a humble comic-loving boy from Jersey has become a modern, high king of fantasy. Best known for the TV series Game of Thrones, George Martin was - for decades - "rewrite the book" on the sci-fi, horror and the fandom ways few authors could. Come and discover the cause of Time magazine called it "one of the most
Amazing Storytellers Vol.1 - Lives Beyond the Pages
Their fantasies were the genesis of your nightmares, the rise in the fantasy worlds of our dreams and a reflection of our true selves. There are four of the most respected writers of the genre in the last 50 years. It's not that these authors simply the best sellers, but there are, in their own way, and transformed our culture surpassed the
Fevre Dream (1-10 series) Complete
Action comics in mid XIX century in the United States , in the lower reaches of the Mississippi River . Ruined river captain Abner Marsh receives from a mysterious rich man Joshua York an offer he can not refuse : for money Marsh York builds his dream ship , steamer "Dreams Febvre ," the most luxurious and fastest on the river. However, during the
The Hedge Knight - The Graphic Novel
Set one hundred years before the events in the epic fantasy series by George Martin , A Song of Ice and Fire , Hedge Knight graphic novel chronicling a young squire as he travels cruel and difficult path to knighthood in the Seven Kingdoms . Without letting go of the fallen master sword and shield , Duncan (or " Dunk " ) intends to reinvent
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