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Fearless Defenders #12
Advocates oppose apocalyptic Doom Maidens! Hopefully some team survives! Valkyrie and Annabelle have a complicated relationship ... and it is only going to become even more perplexing and problematic because of this issue! New (cosmically awesome) character joins the team! And you'll never expect this addition to the cast! Caroline Lefay comes
Fearless Defenders #11
The new status quo for the Marvel warrior women? It seems like the perfect time to travel to field new Amazon! Secrets resurrection Ippolito found! And love is in the air for fearless defenders!
Fearless Defenders #10
With hordes of invading Earth Thanos, fearless defenders live up to their namesake! A gifted young woman discovers that she's amazing ... but scary ... powers. Will it be a new hero to join the ranks of the defenders? Or it has become one of the girls Caroline LEFAY in Doom?
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