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M.O.D.O.K. Assassin #05
The Merc with a Mind's first solo series comes to a HEAD! With the life of the woman who's stolen his heart hanging in the balance, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing races to put an end to Baron Mordo's murderous bid for power. Will M.O.D.O.K. save the day? One thing's for sure: He will live up to his design...
Marvel 1602 #01-08 Complete
8 issues pages | 549.5 мb.

Tags: Marvel 1602 Archangel Beast Captain America Clea Cyclops Daredevil
All this is not very good in Marvel Universe in 1602 as strange storms brewing and strange new powers arise ! Comics sheets legend and New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods ), along with the art group bestselling ORIGIN , Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, brings to life a rich new vision of the universe Marvel.
Fearless Defenders #12
Advocates oppose apocalyptic Doom Maidens! Hopefully some team survives! Valkyrie and Annabelle have a complicated relationship ... and it is only going to become even more perplexing and problematic because of this issue! New (cosmically awesome) character joins the team! And you'll never expect this addition to the cast! Caroline Lefay comes
King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special
August is summer, right? Yes? Cool! Then we Hittin 'I have two all-new Spider stories from times when he was Secret Invasion or new branding days. First, Spider teams up with Falcon to handle flash futuristic weapons appear in Harlem, and Mary Jane in the spotlight when she teams up with female Hulk, Hellcat, Wonder Girl and some other lovely
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