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Seven Soldiers - Klarion the Witch Boy #01-04 Complete
The 4th of 7 separate 4-issue miniseries in Grant Morrison's epic Seven Soldiers saga that can be read and enjoyed on its own or interspersed with the other 7 Soldiers titles as intended for bigger impact. This volume contains parts 5, 9, 13 & 17 of the 30 total parts to the Seven Soldiers epic.
Amazing Spider-Man #10
SPIDER-verse begins here! Superstar artist Olivier COIPEL (THOR, siege, Day M) joins Dan Slott, to bring you the biggest spider event ever! When the power of evil threatens Spider-symbols of the entire universe, EVERY Spiderman anything needed to save the day!
The Walking Dead #119
"ALL OUT WAR," PART 5 The war comes home.
The Walking Dead #118
All war continues! Maggie takes the position as the new plan comes together Rica.
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