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Amazing Spider-Man - Edge of Spider-Verse (TPB)
Peer over the edge of the Spider-Verse, at five different realities -- and five daringly different spiders! Spider-Man Noir returns, as the Peter Parker of the 1930s finds himself up against Mysterio and knee-deep in the biggest Spider-Man event of all! What is the secret of Dr. Aaron Aikman, the Spider-Man? Who are the villainous Red Eye and
Amazing Spider-Man #10
SPIDER-verse begins here! Superstar artist Olivier COIPEL (THOR, siege, Day M) joins Dan Slott, to bring you the biggest spider event ever! When the power of evil threatens Spider-symbols of the entire universe, EVERY Spiderman anything needed to save the day!
Edge of Spider-Verse #03
What is the secret of Dr. Aaron Aikman, Spider-Man?! Who villainous red-eye and Naahmurah? And Aaron can possibly survive the arrival Morlun in? Rising star Dustin Weaver (AVENGERS, INFINITY, SHIELD) makes his Marvel Comics writing debut in the most wildly imaginative story of the year!
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