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Ender's Game - War of Gifts Collection
Meets four fascinating stories in the game universe, Ender! First, it is a fairy tale starring two younger siblings Ender. Valentina finds out about injustices in their school, she wants to fight it. Enter Peter, who directs his sister in the process of non-violent influence, and sets the ball rolling for his plans to one day rule the world.
Ender's Game - Ultimate Collection
The satellite series returns with award-winning game New York Times best-selling novel by Orson Scott Card Ender! With time running out for humanity, Bean assigned Dragon Army under the command of the legendary Ender Wiggin. But their relationship bruising clash of egos and agendas from the beginning - and it only gets worse when the dragon facing
Ender's Game - Speaker for the Dead
The next chapter in the saga of Ender's bestseller here! Ender Wiggin was 12 years old when he destroyed the race. Burdened with guilt, he wrote the Speaker for the Dead and created the pseudo-religion that swept the known worlds. Now an adult, Ender called to investigate the murder committed by the new alien species, it would seem a terrible
Ender's Game - Battle School
There is a war. Those aliens who nearly destroyed the Earth once, come back to get the job this time. But we are not going to just sit and umirat.Mezhdunarodnoe military accepts our best and brightest to mold them into the best military minds ever, and they take their young. 8-year-old Ender Wiggin is the best thing they've ever found. Can he save
Orson Scott Card's Speaker For The Dead #01-05 Complete
Speaker for the Dead is an award-winning novel decision-Marvel bestselling author and science fiction legend Orson Scott Card.
Ender's Game - The League War
Vihhin Ender is not the only genius child to influence the course of Earth's history. Not even the only one in his family. At the end of the final Formic War, the nations of the Earth are scrambling for power ... and Peter and Valentine Vihhin, older and equally intelligent siblings ender to start and end a world war with nothing more than words.
Ender's Game - Recruiting Valentine
Ender Vihhin be in space learning to fight Formics, but his older brothers Peter and Valentine are saving the world on Earth. When Valentine learns of an injustice in her school, she wants to fight it. Enter Peter, who is his sister through the process of nonviolent influence, and sets the ball rolling for his plans to one day rule the world. Jake
Ender's Game - War of Gifts Special
Zeck Morgan was raised by his minister father to be a pious , God-fearing child, devoted to his church. Unfortunately, when the International Fleet decides Zeck is a candidate for training in Battle School , they tear him from his home and prepare it for war. Zeck refuses to participate in the war games the school because of his pacifist religious
Ender's Game - Command School #01-05 Complete
The second volume of the sci-fi epic New York Times bestseller Orson Scott Card begins! Ender Wiggin may be the only hope that humanity has against an alien race that threatens Earth destruction. He was given his own army , and now commands 40 soldiers in a series of war games in preparation for invasion ... and he is only nine years old . The
Ender's Game - Battle School #01-05 Complete
There's a war coming. Those foreigners who almost destroyed Earth once returning to work is done at this time. But we're not going to just sit and die. International military takes our best and brightest to mold them into the finest military minds constantly and they take their young . 8 -year-old Ender Wiggin is the best they 've ever found . Can
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