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Ender's Game - Battle School
There is a war. Those aliens who nearly destroyed the Earth once, come back to get the job this time. But we are not going to just sit and umirat.Mezhdunarodnoe military accepts our best and brightest to mold them into the best military minds ever, and they take their young. 8-year-old Ender Wiggin is the best thing they've ever found. Can he save
Ender's Game - Battle School #01-05 Complete
There's a war coming. Those foreigners who almost destroyed Earth once returning to work is done at this time. But we're not going to just sit and die. International military takes our best and brightest to mold them into the finest military minds constantly and they take their young . 8 -year-old Ender Wiggin is the best they 've ever found . Can
Scarlet Spider #24
The stunning effects of the grave came! His encounter with Kraven Hunter Spider Alyy forced to make some huge sacrifices. Now Cain has to make a choice ... one that can see him leaving his new life forever. Chris Yost, Eric Burnham and Carlo Barbera bring you a decisive moment in the life of The Scarlet Spider!
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #03
Official Superior Spider Infinity Tie-In! How to force malloc set their sights one land, there are some heroes went to answer the call of battle. But how many characters you really need when the most superior of all is ready to defend its territory. With the debut of the all-new Sun-Girl!
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