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Spider-Woman #07
23 pages | 33.2 мb.

Tags: Spider-Woman Big Wheel Cyclone Goldbug Kangaroo Mauler
Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, is getting closer to find significant others who have been kidnapping villains "to blackmail the villains!
Two-Gun Kid #01-136 Complete
136 issues pages | 3690 мb.

Tags: Two-Gun Kid Collection Brett Dawson Claire Cyclone 1948-1977
Two -Gun Kid and his horse Cyclone ride into town Sundown, Arizona. There's a stray bullet lightning was knocking cowboy . Suspecting trouble, two-gun strikes the interior, where a shot rang out and finds a man shot in the arm for refusing to drink with the other. Two -Gun Shooter confronts a heated exchange occurs . When the two-gun shooter says
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