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Two-Gun Kid #01-136 Complete

Two-Gun Kid #01-136 Complete

Two -Gun Kid and his horse Cyclone ride into town Sundown, Arizona. There's a stray bullet lightning was knocking cowboy . Suspecting trouble, two-gun strikes the interior, where a shot rang out and finds a man shot in the arm for refusing to drink with the other. Two -Gun Shooter confronts a heated exchange occurs . When the two-gun shooter says to draw the hero refuses, telling the man he was going to die. Two-gun shooter then slaps in the face, prompting the shooter to beat him senseless. Suddenly, a woman comes in poiskahcheloveka Two -Gun beat , and when she finds out what happened, she slams the two-gun in his face , calling him a beast and holding her man at home. Two -Gun then approached the sheriff who explains that the man he defeated Brett was named Dawson, a big man in the city and tough Hombre to download and that the girl was his girlfriend Gloria, who did not realize how bad her man . Then recommends a two-gun sheriff out of town , but the child decides he 's going to stay for a while.
This proves to be more difficult than usual because the inn keeper refuses to rent him a room and when he takes the Cyclone to the blacksmith to be reshoedkuznetsa refuses to serve him. The kid needs some answers and the blacksmith tells him that Brett Dawson has bolshinstvoipotechnyh loans in the city, and he inherited them from his father when they died. While his father was a good man , Brett was a tyrant who has been known to get people on their property if they do not comply with it, and the whole city was stuck with how to deal with it. With this information, two guns Kid decided to pay a visit Brett Dawson .

In Dawson's home , Brett just slapped his girlfriend Gloria snooping into his business . When he begins to decide what to foreclose on the mortgage , Gloria finally realizes chtouzhasny man her husband -to-be and it leaves the house . Furious, Brett chases after her and decides if he can not have her , no one will , dragging her to the plateau to send her to her death . It togdadva -Gun Kid arrives and approaching Dawson ranch hands , demanding to talk to their boss. When they refuse and try gruboKid up two guns quickly Lassos them and string them into a tree. Then he notices Brett rush off on horseback with Gloria screaming for help , race after them.

They arrive on the plateau , where Brett Gloria forces to cross the rope bridge , which he begins to sharply before her death as an accident. Two -Gun comes in and shoots the knife out of his hands and throws Brett Brett gun drawn. However, two -Gun Malyshbystree draw and shoot the gun out of the hands of Dawson . Dawson won tries to make a run for it across the bridge causing the rope to snap . Two -Gun manages to Gloria Lasso , but Brett falls to his death. With the crisis over , and the people Sundown free from the tyranny of Dawson , two guns Kid pays goodbye and leaves.

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