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Thanos - The Infinity Finale
After REVELATION and RELATIVITY comes a grand Finale to Jim Starlin's new Infinity trilogy! Desperate times called for mad measures. Facing checkmate in his latest grand game of cosmic chess, Thanos took himself off the board - violently. Yet, for the paramour of Death, oblivion is so often temporary. Now the Titan is back - but the galaxy has
Secret Wars #00 (FCBD)
Prepare yourself for the last days of the universe Marvel, as you know, it's like going to the biggest comic book event of the year continues! From the ashes of the decimated space rises ... Battleworld! Among the countries, the kingdom of the patchwork of thousands of refugees erased universes fight for survival. Even if they can withstand the
New Avengers #24
Extra size question! For 8 months ... the time runs out!
New Avengers #11
Nfinity binding - "Worlds CONSTRUCTION" The Illuminati travel to the other Earth during the invasion. Thanos in the necropolis. Builders in the world.
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