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New Avengers #31
25 pages | 39.5 мb.

Tags: New Avengers Black Swan Doctor Strange
New Avengers Vol.3 - Other Worlds
Inhuman tie-in! With consequences INFINITY fresh on their minds, tough decisions. As a new and different Illuminati collects, learn more about other things related to the invasion - and discover the startling secret of the black swan! Then, answer the cartographers, cartography Apocalypse. And as Reed Richards and the Illuminati rekindle old
New Avengers #24
Extra size question! For 8 months ... the time runs out!
New Avengers - Everything Dies Vol.1
To avoid a collision with another of our universe , the Illuminati must collect ... NOW! This is the most powerful and brilliant team in the Marvel Universe : Black Panther , Iron Man , Dr. Strange, Black Bolt , Mr. Fantastic , the Sub-Mariner and the Beast - armed with six Infinity Stones against the endless legion of parallel realities . But
New Avengers #15
Meet the cartographer, cartographers Apocalypse. Doctor Strange sells his soul. Reed Richards and the Illuminati rekindle old relationships.
Black Swan Comics
52 pages | 44.6 мb.

Tags: Black Swan Comics Black Swan Archie Comics
Published by Archie when they were known as MLJ, a one-shot collecting a series of pirate stories featuring the Black Hood.
New Avengers #11
Nfinity binding - "Worlds CONSTRUCTION" The Illuminati travel to the other Earth during the invasion. Thanos in the necropolis. Builders in the world.
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