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World War Hulk - Incredible Herc
When the Hulk returns to Earth for the senses-shattering events of World War Hulk, we can all guess which puny humans will fight against him. But which of Earth's heroes will fight for the Hulk? Don't miss the shocking revelations as Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards on behalf of the Hulk in INCREDIBLE HULK #100, confronts
Planet Hulk - Gladiator Guidebook
How did the Empire rise to power? What is the origin of the Death's Head Guard? Who are the Spikes? Learn the answers to these questions, plus many more revelations, in the pages of the PLANET HULK: GLADIATOR GUIDEBOOK - an essential companion to Greg Pak's top-selling PLANET HULK storyline! Featuring profiles on the Hulk, the Silver Surfer and
What If - Planet Hulk
Last year , a group of Marvel heroes decided the Hulk was too dangerous for Earth , tricked him into a shuttle , and shot him into space. After the Hulk rose from slave gladiator to conquering emperor on a wild planet Sakaar, the shuttle exploded - killing people Hulk and his pregnant queen. And the entire Marvel Universe knows what happened next
What If - Civil War
Marvel once again poses the question, " What if ... ? " What if Annihilus had not been defeated on the outskirts of our galaxy , and instead had brought his devastating alien armada to Earth? What if Iron Man had lost the Civil War ? What if Captain America led all the heroes against the Superhuman Registration Act and Henry became head of SHIELD
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