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What If - Planet Hulk

What If - Planet Hulk

Last year , a group of Marvel heroes decided the Hulk was too dangerous for Earth , tricked him into a shuttle , and shot him into space. After the Hulk rose from slave gladiator to conquering emperor on a wild planet Sakaar, the shuttle exploded - killing people Hulk and his pregnant queen. And the entire Marvel Universe knows what happened next as the Hulk returned to wreak his terrible vengeance on the pages of " World War Hulk ." But what if the Hulk landed on a peaceful planet Marvel heroes originally intended ? What if Banner had landed on Sakaar instead of the Hulk ? What if Hulk warrior bride Caiera Oldstrong came to Earth seeking revenge instead of her husband ? Get ready for three shocking stories about what could have been a writer " Planet Hulk " and " World War Hulk" epics . Including the work of a single Fred Hembeck!

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