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Friday the 13th Special #1
After the events of Freddy vs. Jason, Laura Upland has had it. She's one of two squabbling siblings who have inherited the land Camp Crystal Lake was built on. Their latest stalemate is how to deal with the destruction done at the Crystal Lake Resorts. Laura knows Jason Voorhees caused it. He is out there, and until he's done in, they won't be
Belladonna - Origins #05-07
3 issues pages | 129.2 мb.

Tags: Belladonna - Origins Belladonna Brian Pulido
Vikings killed her and her entire family. Now a year later, on Samhain, Morrigan the Celtic goddess forces Colleen to rise and claim vengeance as Belladonna! In this issue, Belladonna tightens the noose around the neck of her Viking opponents and throws down the gauntlet of final battle! It is time for a reckoning, their entire army against just
Lady Death - Apocalypse #00
Special triple the size of the issue! The biggest problem is her Lady Death '24 glorious history here! Lady Death: Apocalypse # 0 super-sized, self-contained issue which has 33 pages of all-new story of Brian Pulido called "Merciful Fate." The first chapter shows the stunning fully painted art Carlos Valenzuela! A series of artist Marcelo Muller
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