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Lady Death - Apocalypse #00

Lady Death - Apocalypse #00

Special triple the size of the issue! The biggest problem is her Lady Death '24 glorious history here! Lady Death: Apocalypse # 0 super-sized, self-contained issue which has 33 pages of all-new story of Brian Pulido called "Merciful Fate." The first chapter shows the stunning fully painted art Carlos Valenzuela! A series of artist Marcelo Muller richly illustrates the second chapter. It also has a special long lost Lady Death: The Story of Dark Horizons drawn Wellinton Alves, who has so far only been seen in B & W, now listed in full beautiful color. But that is not all! It also includes a huge gallery of invisible pencil sketches and original art throughout the ages, including Ivan Reis and Renato Camilo! Also featuring the original ink without inscription Ron Adrian, Richard Ortiz, Marcelo MГјller and more!

It comes with a regular cover Jason Eden, sexual and auxiliary Covers Paulo Siquiera, fiery and pure art Covers Matt Martin, monstrous Cover Juan Jose RyP, painted cover Marco Turini, Leather Case Marcelo Muller, and an amazing character design Stimulus cover as Martin. This symbol is an original design created for a new series Limitless suit, never-before-seen! Finally, you do not want to miss the century for this problem, showing 5 pencil fragments from Renato Camilo and limited to only 100 copies each!

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