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Humbug #01-02
2 issues pages | 105.5 мb.

Tags: Humbug Bob Cratchit Ebenezer Scrooge Tiny Tim
Meet the world's first paranormal investigator - Ebenezer Scrooge! A dark revisionist take on Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol", Humbug poses the question, "Whatever happened to Scrooge the day after Christmas Eve and that grave encounter from the Other Side?" Answer: Scrooge opens London's first Paranormal Agency for hire, The House of Humbug.
Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol #01-05 Complete
Gather your family close , board up the doors , and heed well the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge - a man for whom the fire could warm , whose cold heart pumped ice through his veins , and whose lips uttered a firm Bah! to any kind of happiness. Learn from his experience as he visits the undead corpse of his old friend Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve ,
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