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Superman vol.1
142 pages | 171.3 мb.

Tags: Superman Superman comics 2012 Superman vol 1 Clark Kent
On a distant planet looming devastating disaster. Knowing this, the scientist sends his only son to Earth. Here his family sheltered Kent. But they did not know what force has a child. Pozroslev Clark Kent began to fight for truth and justice under the name of Superman.
Let's Play God #01
Punk is dead. You're next. After witnessing the murder, Mel keys must follow in order to avoid death and to find out who is stalking her bandmates. Zane and Brea Grant (We will bury you, Suicide Girls) and EricJ (Rex Mundi, Fly) to submit the final descent girl in the world with blood.
Infestation 2 - Team-Up
Special Leap Year 5th week of release! Bat Boy meets in a bar with Archibald Groom Lake, to drunkenly discuss event comics like Infes2ation!
Infestation 2 - Dungeons & Dragons - Eberron #01-02 Complete
Introducing the world of D & D Eberron campaign to comics! Abraxis Wren is the most notorious inquisitor in Sharn, city of towers, and when the normal (well, routine by his standards) case puts him on the trail of creatures beyond the ken of mortals, it's only a matter of time before he finds himself caught in the middle of Infection 2 !
Amazing Spider-Man - Parallel Lives
With one bite of life will be changed forever. This is a classic story of Peter Parker's transformation from shy nerd heroic Webslinger! Once bitten by the radioactive spider, Peter Parker must balance love and his new duties.
Infestation 2 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #01-02 Complete
Sewers of New York has always been home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ... but that was still nesting in the deep dark? series of strange occurrences leads the Turtles into long forgotten tunnels. What they find there should have been left alone, for as light fades walls of the narrow beams of bone chilling terror awaits!
Homecoming #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 126 мb.

Tags: Homecoming Complete Aspen Collection 2012
No one ever said being a teenager was easy ... Just when you thought it was safe to go back to high school ... Aspen Comics proudly presents the all-new series created by Michael Turner , Scott Lobdell , and David Wohl . HOMECOMING! Hunter Wilson just an average American teenager in the average American city, but when the beautiful and comes
Batman and Robin collection (0-23.4 series)
28 issues pages | 611.9 мb.

Tags: Batman and Robin Batman Robin DC comics 2012 collection
"New 52" Batman and Robin Volume (Volume 2) with Bruce Wayne and Damian as the father / son dynamic duo, written by Peter Tomasi and drawn by Patrick Gleason. After the death of Damian Wayne in the pages of Batman, Incorporated, for five months (# 19-23) name was rotating cast of supporting characters, changing volume names for each question with
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