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Infinity Abyss #01-06 Complete
Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Moon Dragon, Gamora, Pip the troll and the new Adam Warlock battle in action - but even this amount of energy to be effective against Thanos, Mad Titan?
Spider-Man - Sweet Charity
Cruel fate descends on the wall-crawler had - thanks to stellar auction fundraising Celebrities - spend a weekend camping trip with his number one nemesis: JJ Jameson! And for this amazing couple, mites, coyotes and bears may be the least of their problems! It seems that someone from the fierce hatred for both of them sees an opportunity to take
Black Kiss TPB
135 pages | 45.9 мb.

Tags: Black Kiss Howard Chaykin Ken Bruzenak 2002
Located in Los Angeles of the 1980s , the story begins with Dagmar Laine, a transsexual prostitute and former lover celebrity Beverly Grove, trying to find a roll of film was stolen from the collection of the Vatican porn. The film ends in the hands of Father Frank Murtaug, being sent by his brother , the Cardinal in the Vatican. Laine
Spider-Man and the Black Cat - The Evil That Men Do #01-06 Complete
The mysterious disappearance of an old friend brings Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, to New York in search of answers - and a certain web-slinging ex-lover, she follows the same path. How long will it take before they do some ... catching up?
Spider-Man - Quality of Life #01-04 Complete
World famous web-slinger faces off against his opponent's classic, lizard, a wide-screen action epic written by Greg Rucka (Queen & Country) and digitally illustrated breakout sensation Scott Sava (Lab)!
Apache Skies #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 36.3 мb.

Tags: Apache Skies Collection Max Apache Kid Rawhide Kid 2002
Question 4 series screeching in the 2000s "blaze of glory" from the same creative team. This volume of Marvel's mature readers line "Max" star rawhide child mostly solo exhibition of stunning fully painted art by Leonardo Manco.
Sabretooth - Mary Shelley Overdrive #01-04 Complete
One of the most bloodthirsty enemies of the X-Men cut loose! When Victor Creed - the vicious , fast healing mutant Hitman with adamantium bones and claws - accidentally interrupts the murder, things go from bad to worse in a hurry! With the mysterious , indestructible soldiers decided to kill him, the only key Creed is their gorgeous blonde
JLA JSA - Virtue and Vice (TPB)
Justice League of America. Justice Society of America. The two teams . Two legacies . For years, they did not fight for honor, for truth , for justice, until now. Prior to the first official reunion of the greatest heroes of the world and the original super -Team breaks out in melee explosive , twisted plot consists of elected members from each
3 Little Kittens #01-03 Complete
3 issues pages | 66.8 мb.

Tags: 3 Little Kittens Complete Broad Sword comics Collection 2002
3 little kittens is a mini-series published by Broadsword Comics with art and history of Jim Balent and Holly Golightly colors. The main characters, Catress, Kitty Pop Jaguara, as well as the villain Red latex later appeared in issues of Tarot: Witch of The Black Rose also published by Broadsword Comics.
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