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Nightmask #01-12 Complete
Nightmask been ongoing series starring Kate Remsen aka Nightmask. Those who survived the attack that killed his parents , Kate soon discovers that he has a strange and wonderful powers , primarily involving its introduction dreaming minds of others. After Keith Remsen in paranormal abilities became apparent Lucian Ballad psychologist persuaded him
Mark Hazzard Merc #01-12 + Annual Complete
13 issues pages | 123.6 мb.

Tags: Mark Hazzard Merc Peter David Mark Hazzard 1986-1987
Hard as nails , and just as painful, if you stepped on it , Mark Hazzard gun is for vehicles hired gun . However , Mark could not just work for everyone as his own principles prevented him from doing the dirty work for a heartless evil people. When he was at work and his employers were so , Mark always put them in their place , often killing them
Kickers Inc. #01-12 Complete
Once he shows impressive physical abilities, paranormal Magnicote Jack continues to play for their professional football team, fighting crime and ending threats to freedom all the time - though not alone, as he adventures ... Kickers, Inc!
Droids #01-08 Complete
8 issues pages | 91.4 мb.

Tags: Droids Complete Marvel Collection 1986-1987
From the pages of Marvel Comics "Star Wars, and has inspired famous movies, C-3PO and R2D2 have their own comic book series as part of Marvel Comics' imprint Star Comics. It lasted only eight issues.
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