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Batman and the Outsiders Vol.1 #01-32 + Annuals Complete
Batman has never been that someone would call a natural team player. True, he was a mentor to Robin since the beginning of his career, but he often had problems engaging with those who are considered equal in the league. So long as his teammates in the Justice League has refused to enter into the country to help rescue Markovia Batman Bruce
Judge Dredd #01-35 Complete
35 issues pages | 447.9 мb.

Tags: Judge Dredd Eagle comics 1983-1985
Like a number of other related comic 2000AD reprint, it has changed the name of the publishers and names several times. It began as Judge Dredd and lasted for 33 issues (under the heading Eagle Comics), then moved to the Quality Comics for questions 34-35. After two issues of quality Comics restart the series with all new Judge Dredd Issue 1. This
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