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Batman and the Outsiders Vol.1 #01-32 + Annuals Complete

Batman and the Outsiders Vol.1 #01-32 + Annuals Complete

Batman has never been that someone would call a natural team player. True, he was a mentor to Robin since the beginning of his career, but he often had problems engaging with those who are considered equal in the league. So long as his teammates in the Justice League has refused to enter into the country to help rescue Markovia Batman Bruce Wayne's long-time employee Lucius Fox , Batman sharply out of the league and set in a small European country on its own. Batman soon discovered Fox was kidnapped by Baron Bedlam , a rebel who had already killed the king Markovia. As he tries to find where the Fox, Batman enlists the aid of his longtime friend , Black Lightning to enter the camp of rebel insurgency in the country. However vskoreubiytsa Samurai Katana appeared and killed the rebel General Batman and plans took a different turn . Soon, he was faced with the mysterious energy of the speakers Halo, the severity of the power of Prince Markovia now calls himself Geo-Force, and his old friend and master of the periodic table of elements , Metamorpho, who opposed the forces of Baron Bedlam , and the new plan is formed in the mind of Batman. After the successful overthrow of the government Bedlam, terror and save Fox, Batman asked the team to return to Gotham with him and work under him . Batman now has its own league of heroes, the only team he would now operate outside the law .

Popular since the beginning, Batman iAutsaydery ( outsiders) ran for a total of 46 questions , as well as highlighted in the deluxe format Baxter name , The Outsiders in 1985. An interesting mixture of old and new characters , a list of teams continued to grow over the years, gaining members , such as Looker, and a nuclear emergency Knight and before the wicked, as Eclipso, Cobra and Maxie Zeus.

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