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X-Necrosha - The Gathering
Inner Circle stand revealed ... Selene Fade, Mortis, Senyaka, Eli Bard and flash. But what led Selene to gather some of the deadliest mutants in the world? Why one student X-Men to join? Who is Mortis? As Blink alive? Stories about the death of the black queen dealers told in this anthology one shot some of the most popular contemporary artists!
X-Men Adventures Vol.3 #01-13 Complete
The story begins with shkatoryny Morlock scurrying with an unusual weapon and robbers and Lady fatal blow in hot pursuit. Leech something down in the tunnel and comes to Callisto , handing her a gun. Callisto says with a weapon , it will be able to discover an alien spacecraft inside the tunnel and have absolute power for himself and Morlock . But
X-Men Adventures Vol.1 #01-15 Complete
Henry Hayrich creates an army of Sentinels against mutants. As a test , he sends one to accept anniversary. The Sentinel eventually finds Anniversary at the local mall. Fortunately , members of the X-Men go shopping at the mall and join the jubilee destroy patrol and return to Xaiver institute for higher education , where they Jubilee nurse back
Second Coming - Prepare
30 pages | 26.4 мb.

This story took place two days after Hope and Cable returned from the future. This book also includes the story "What is the Phoenix Force?"
Peter Parker #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 134.2 мb.

Tags: Peter Parker Aunt May Mister Negative Spider-Man Thing 2010
Peter Parker is about how different world views Spider-Man, as it affects the average Joe, as well as Peter deals every day outside suit.
King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special
August is summer, right? Yes? Cool! Then we Hittin 'I have two all-new Spider stories from times when he was Secret Invasion or new branding days. First, Spider teams up with Falcon to handle flash futuristic weapons appear in Harlem, and Mary Jane in the spotlight when she teams up with female Hulk, Hellcat, Wonder Girl and some other lovely
Kid Colt Outlaw #01-229 Complete
229 issues pages | 4960 мb.

Tags: Kid Colt Outlaw Kid Colt Rawhide Kid Bob McLeod 1948-1979
Kid Colt was Western Comic , since 1948 , where he made ​​his first appearance in comics Colt Kid series: Hero of the West. However, the aforementioned series did not last too long, at least not under its original name, it was renamed after the comic four questions (although the cover has already started the name change with the release of
Evel Knievel
23 pages | 22.8 мb.

Tags: Evel Knievel Giveaway Everglades Florida 197
Evel Knievel Stunt trains in South Florida, and someone stands in his way.
Thor - Crown of Fools #01
Join Thor, Seth, three soldiers - and even sneaky deceiver that Loki - the all-new, all-Asgard adventure. Deeply buried secrets will reveal about Crown Fools allies and Thor the god of thunder could not resist his own temptation to free his friends? Plus: Also reprinting the first appearance Malek Cursed!
Wolverine - Mr X
Mr. X is back for a rematch and revenge on the only man who's ever beaten him: Wolverine! Find out everything you never knew about one of the most dangerous psychopaths in the universe Marvel. The first time these two met, Wolverine barely saved his life, and this time ... Well, one thing's for sure, you'll never see how it ends, but you'll love
Spider-Man Unlimited Vol.2 #0.5-5 Complete
Accompanying comic book series 1999 - 2000 Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon series. He came out at the same time as the comic Avengers United they stand, another series of Marvel Comic accompanying the new Avengers cartoon of the day.
Spider-Man & AraГ±a Special - The Hunter Revealed
42 pages | 14.5 мb.

It all starts and ends right here! AraГ±a know what the future Wasp / Spider-Clan Battle eye, and what it means for her life as a hunter! The parties chose AraГ±a lives lost and will never be the same!
Spider-Man - Get Kraven #01-06 Complete
Alesha Krevinoff - another son " Craven Hunter " - this is the kind of guy that boys and girls love to hate hate to love. Stir in leopard skin boots, six thousand dollars suit, with a killer smile. In fact , his film star looks sharp feeling sharp as a razor tongue and thirty million dollar inheritance , you would think that Al Krevinoff will live
Psi-Force #01-32 + Annual Complete
Neither KGB nor CIA was a match for the power of PSI in the new universe! Gathered mysterious Emmett Proudhawk, five paranormal teenagers struggled against government operatives, Renegade supermen and most importantly, each other! Telepathy, astral projection, telekinesis, psychic empathy and psyonicheskoy detonation merge into something even
Nightmask #01-12 Complete
Nightmask been ongoing series starring Kate Remsen aka Nightmask. Those who survived the attack that killed his parents , Kate soon discovers that he has a strange and wonderful powers , primarily involving its introduction dreaming minds of others. After Keith Remsen in paranormal abilities became apparent Lucian Ballad psychologist persuaded him
New Mutants Saga
Psyche! Freckle! Cannonball! Wolfsbane! Karma! They are New Mutants you know and love. And along with Magic, Magma, Cypher and Warlock, they were the backbone of the era that so many current X-readers came to treasure. NEW SAGA mutants catch you on this seminal period of X-history - from their very first team until the arrival of new members, the

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