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Thor - God of Thunder #15
The Wild Hunt is on! As Malekith damned continues its bloody Rampage through nine Realms, Thor finds new allies to help him in the chase: The Dark Elf Sorceress! Armed with Light Elf! Giant Giant mountains! Dwarf who likes dynamite! and particularly surly troll ..?
Avengers Arena #17
"BOSS LEVEL" PART 3: The final battle begins! Up in the murder of World Island, it is the surviving participants in an all-out battle royale! Down in the lair of Arcade, it's the other two contestants against the Arcade!
All New X-Men #18
X-Men: Battle of the atom, Part 6! Magik and young animals have a special mission! X-Men and the future of the X-Men Jean Grey and Cyclops are going to send them back in time with the rest of the X-Men. But who is against them and why?
Iron Man - Titanium
Presenting four all- new titanic story of the golden avenger ! Fan- favorites Adam Warren and Salva Espin bring the Titanium Man out of retirement , but Tony Stark ready for the shocking renovation pint-sized hacker's given his old foe? PLUS ! Pepper Potts gets put through the wringer with a literally killer commute ! Can Tony and Maria Hill stop
Iron Man - Iron Protocols
Deep within a secret government base beneath the arctic tundra lies the "Ark": repository that contains the genetic code for all life on Earth. But the problem of rogue Artificial Intelligence has decided that the best way to protect the samples are eradicating every living creature! Only Iron Man has the knowledge to stop the car, but he only got
Fear Itself #01-7.3 Complete
Do not fear you ... tomorrow? In this time of global anxiety, economic crisis and mass hysteria, Sin, the new Red Skull, has made an amazing discovery ... shameful secrets that stir the base universe Marvel! Revelations that will share a father and son, turn against each other, and messenger of fear personified. He returns ... and the world has
Civil War - War Crimes
Wilson Fisk concluded by ex-Kingpin of Crime, has a deal to offer Iron Man: he will use his underworld connections to help in the search for Captain America and his anti-Registration underground in exchange for consideration on his sentence. But can the Kingpin be trusted, or is playing a deeper game? And as criminals Marvel Universe has to change
Civil War - The Initiative
Post-war Marvel Universe begins here! The war is over! Let the healing begin! This all-new special written by Brian Bendis, especially for the modern legend Marc Silvestri, debuts the all-new Iron Man, OMEGA FLIGHT, Mighty Avengers New Avengers and a special chapter written by Warren Ellis ... Lightning! Each chapter is an important all-new
Civil War - Choosing Sides
This single, which serves as a prequel to Thunder # 110, Irredeemable Ant-Man # 1, Immortal Iron Fist в„– 1, Omega Flight number 1 and Howard the duck story.
Captain America and Crossbones
Cepa assassin stars in his horrific comic! When the terrible virus overtakes an isolated island, the skull face psychopath is unleashed to rescue the one person who may deliver resistance to the terrifying outbreak. But can the man who shot Captain America be trusted to do the right thing? Writer William Harms (Impaler) and artist Declan Shalvey
Captain America and Batroc
The phone rings. The voice says. They want you to beat Captain America. Again. The man who beat you before. The man who you know will beat more. What can you say? You say, "Yes." Batroc: Traceur shows why and takes you every step of the way he walks. It's time to meet the man behind the greatest mustache in the universe Marvel. Thus, Stark. You
Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet #01-04 Complete
The evil Thanos has acquired Infinity Stones, granting him control over the entire universe. It destroyed half the population of all worlds. The only force standing in his way? AVENGERS! But how can a ragtag group of heroes and villains (!) Master stop? Check-out non-stop, pulse-pounding, white-knuckling action brought to you by Brian Clevinger
Avengers - The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers
'Young Avengers ' co-author Allan Heynberh and legendary artist Alan Davis (Avengers Prime) team up to create an epic stand-alone tale that perfect jumping on point for new readers and introduces the universe Marvel, all new Avengers team . As a result of the Young Avengers ' crusade to find the Scarlet Witch , Patriot has become Captain America ,
War Machine Vol.2 #01-12 Complete
One of the new titles to debut at Dark Reign banner in 2008, Marvel's Secret Invasion event, War Machine was launched by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco as gritty and violent series starring James Rhodes as War Machine taking global justice into their own hands. Although the series ended after twelve issues due to sales not being strong enough, he
Osborn #01-05 Complete
The most dangerous criminals in the world is at the top Supermax-global security prison - an institution so secret even the vice president does not know about its existence. But can any cell contain Norman Osborn? Cover title Evil Prisoners Osborne, Osborne just read signs.
Iron Man & the Armor Wars #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 76.9 мb.

The signs said: "Iron Man Armor Wars" cover though, it seems Iron Man: Armor Wars. Cash, cars, boats, houses ... Tony Stark has got it all. The only thing that could ruin his day? If every one of his Iron Man armor were stolen, and then turned against him. Join us for a nail-biting, strapped to his seat adventure as Tony battle his greatest
Iron Man - The Inevitable #01-06 Complete
It was only a matter of time before old enemies Iron Man reappeared to confront him again. And now, they have more than revenge on their minds. All new, action-packed story highlighting the return of classic villains like LASER Living and spyware (and only two)!
Iron Man - Hypervelocity #01-06 Complete
6 issues pages | 86.9 мb.

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When Iron Man wounded by terrorists, his armor begins pilot failsafe designed to download mind of Tony Stark and his personality in the Iron Man armor to keep himself even after death. This rogue armor now considers himself Tony Stark, though his dying body was found, and he is being kept alive in a hospital. Worse yet, the virus was loaded into
Comet Man #01-06 Complete
Comet Man was the subject of limited series in 1987, founded by Bill Mummay, Miguel Ferrer, and Kelly Jones.
Amazing Spider-Man Presents - Black Cat #01-04 Complete
Cat B (L) ACK in her own series and it's international intrigue at its sexiest Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, JSA) and Javier Pulido (Amazing Spider-Man). As Spider-Man pursued in strict Hunt, the world's sly, smart and robbery last Sneakiest jewel thief puts the Black Cat face-to-face with a family who terrorizes Spider-Man's dreams and
Amazing Spider-Man Presents - American Son #01-04 Complete
The siege went badly for Norman Osborn, he once again lost everything and fell. Since Osborne family in disarray, where really falls Norman Osborn to leave his son, Harry? In the wake of the siege of Asgard and the dawn of a new era of heroes, the world finally saw first hand how evil and mentally unstable Norman Osborn really, but Harry himself
Amazing Spider-Man - Parallel Lives
With one bite of life will be changed forever. This is a classic story of Peter Parker's transformation from shy nerd heroic Webslinger! Once bitten by the radioactive spider, Peter Parker must balance love and his new duties.

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