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Massive Awesome #01
101 pages | 168.8 мb.

Tags: Massive Awesome Stephen Lindsay 215 ink
By Steven Lindsey, the creator of Jesus Hates Zombies and Lincoln Hates Werewolves comes Massive Awesome! - The story of best friends, Commando Bacon and Zombie Pickle as they try to unravel the mystery of who is trying to ruin their lives. Ninjas, giant robots, Grim statesmen, Scottish Luchadors and an insatiable appetite for destruction, but a
Satellite Sam #05
28 pages | 58.6 мb.

Tags: Satellite Sam Matt Fraction Howard Chaykin
The plot sickens as Michael and Kara down in some dark, dark places together in the name of all learn the truth behind the death of Carlyle white. The only truth is that they are going to find that some will never go hungry. Meanwhile, Guy finds himself between a rock and a hard place as his secret threatens to slip away. It's sex, death, and TV
Lazarus #05
New History of the ARC! "LIFT", Part One Betrayed by Jonah forever begins to question the nature of the family, especially her own. Waste from the entire domain Carlyle trip to Denver in hopes of improving their lives.
The Walking Dead #118
All war continues! Maggie takes the position as the new plan comes together Rica.
The Darkness #116
31 pages | 46 мb.

Tags: The Darkness Hope Pezzini Jenny Romano
As darkness virus becomes a citywide epidemic Ancient Gods binge. What should be done for Jackie Estacado return darkness of his nefarious Doppelganger?
Drumhellar #02
25 pages | 48.6 мb.

Tags: Drumhellar Drum Hellar Riley Rossmo
Psychedelic Detective drum Hellar wayward bog-looking man, but finds the mutilated cattle instead. Meanwhile, someone else has a terrible job in mind for the elusive raw bog-pal drum, and new secrets for him to explore ... yourself!
Dead Body Road #01
27 pages | 54.7 мb.

Tags: Dead Body Road Justin Jordan Matteo Scalera
Men involved in the death of his wife must die. Everything. Writer Justin Jordan (LUTHER Strode) and artist MATTEO SCALERA (BLACK SCIENCE, indestructible Hulk) bruises craft a story of revenge and one man dark road he travels.
Three #03
29 pages | 57.7 мb.

Tags: Three Damar Klaros Terpander Helots
Damn Spartan who is Trembler. Shave his beard. Rip his cloak. Kick or spit on him, if you will. If you find yourself condemned so only a few years after all the men of Sparta ran hypocrisy can bite. Learn why it is not only the helots, who suffer under Spartan law, and find that the Trembler plans three slaves responsible for his disgrace ...

Three #03 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Chew #38
"Famly RECIPE", Part Three Cibopath behind bars.

Chew #38 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Alex + Ada #02
27 pages | 20.9 мb.

Alex fights to figure out what to do with Ada, its new android, before anyone finds out about it. It is not what he expected.
Manifest Destiny #02
26 pages | 48.8 мb.

Tags: Manifest Destiny Meriwether Lewis William Clark
Lewis and Clark to reveal a new breed of wild creatures with the Louisiana Purchase. It is not surprising that the French did not give up so easily ...
Invincible #107
Monax not deserve this life. Monster Girl has to deal with her ​​failure as a father (not a typo, it's complicated). All this time, the greatest enemy Undefeated never encountered ... plans to make his move.
2000AD 2014
The annual 100-page 'Prog'. The stories are continued from the last issue of 2013 (prog 1861) and continue in the first issue of 2014 (prog 1862).
Xenozoic Tales #01-14 Complete
14 issues pages | 239.1 мb.

Tags: Xenozoic Tales Hannah Dundee Jack Tenrec Remfro Rynchus
In the "archipelago of stone", Ambassador Hanna arrives in the city of Dundee in the sea. Team poachers want her to die, and it's up to Jack Tenrec, to stop them. In the "opportunists" Hannah and Remfro devise a plan to use the city's population of pteranodons. In the "law of the land", Jack has to deal with a poacher.
Backlash #01-32 Complete
32 issues pages | 580.3 мb.

Tags: Backlash CyberJack Diva Major Diane LaSalle Pike Taboo
Solo title of former Team 7 and Stormwatch member Backlash.
Ape Nation #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 56.9 мb.

Tags: Ape Nation Charles Marshall Chris Ulm
In the mini-series Ape nation Newbie slave ship accidentally falls on the curve and the time is where else on the planet apes.
Uncle Scrooge (1-404 series) Complete
404 series pages | 8940 мb.

Uncle Scrooge is a comic book with the moneygrubber Scrooge McDuck "the richest duck in the world" as the main character. The series also featured Donald Duck and his nephews as supporting characters. The first 70 issues mostly consisted of stories written and drawn by Carl Barks, the creator of Scrooge McDuck. The 71st issue had a story written
Uncle Scrooge Adventures (1-54 series) Complete
Incredible Adventures, myths, mysteries and legends, as well as exciting odyssey featuring Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and his nephews. All this awaits you in a colorful comic Uncle Scrooge Adventures, cartoon hands most famous artists of Disney - Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Marco Rota, Vicar and many others.
Panic (1-12 series) Complete
12 issues pages | 297.1 мb.

Tags: Panic Panic comics Panic ec ec comics
From EC Comics. Panic was the sister publication to Mad, with the same talent involved, notably Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. The stories and satire in Panic were basically interchangeable with those in Mad.
Glorious Bastard (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 74.4 мb.

Tags: Glorious Bastard Glorious Bastard comics Glorious Bastard
Series tells us how during the Second World War, German troops started to enlist the support of the mighty ally. No one thought that it will be the most aliens who have repeatedly committed the attack on Earth. And Duke is sent back in time to calm extraterrestrial invaders

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