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60 pages | 40.7 мb.

Tags: Spawn-Batman Alfred Batman Spawn 1994
DC Batman vs Spawn image. This is a companion piece of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Author: Frank Miller with art by Todd McFarlane. Batman goes to New York City to investigate a series of brutal murders, who apparently engaged in cutting the heads of their victims. The killer, conducts high-tech weapons and equipment, and wants to work
Solution #00-17 Complete
The decision heroes for hire, ready to take missions for a fee. In the Russian nuclear bases attacks Quattro, four ultra-powered mercenaries and their nuclear warheads were stolen. Meanwhile, the decision is in Hong Kong fighting the dragon Fang, Triad-largest group in the world. In the end, a KGB agent trying to hire a solution to stop Quattro
Sludge #01-12 Complete
The creature, sludge, selected from the sewers in Manhattan right in the middle of some of the gang members performing a drive-by. It inhibits their car, so they decided to try and kill him. After being shot and stabbed sediment learns of his healing abilities. Also, for the rapid growth of the cells in contact with human skin. We will learn about
Mediterranea #01-07 Complete
Fantasy epic in the ancient Greek techno-Byzantine "Mediterranea in danger of a mysterious swarm. Winged creatures from the east threaten the peace of the kingdom, killing anything that comes between them and their goals. Alonisso nightmares seem to be connected to these mysterious enemies, but not even a wise Auraki, seems to know how.
Firebreather Vol.2 #01-04 Complete
By popular demand, Firebreather adventures continue in this all-new monthly title. High school is tough enough for normal children, but when your dad is a city-stomping giant monster who expects you to follow in his footsteps it gets even tougher. PHIL HESTER (darkness, Irredeemable Ant-Man) and Andy KUHN (Blue Beetle, Marvel Team-Up) to deliver
Ex Mutants Vol.2 #01-18 Complete
Ex-Mutants was originally planned as a parody of countless Marvel "X-" name (X-Force, X-Men, X-Factor, X-etc ...). With this second, the color of the series, the team was towering over a parody to become a legitimate lyubimym.Eks mutants consist of Swordsman Dillon, the strong man Ackroyd, beauties Shannon, Tanya and Piper, and miniature Bowman
Misery City #07
22 pages | 40.1 мb.

When the levee breaks, poor Max to cross the borders of consciousness and immerse yourself in a terrible birthday of his unhappy and alone. While Max does the night shift, a new player arrives uninvited to the city, ready to Raise Hell. Now, who can change what is written in the pages of the stony fate?
Cavewoman Primal (One-Shot)
29 pages | 42.8 мb.

Tags: Cavewoman Primal Black studious Durham Rob 2013
This Cavewoman one-shot darkness that lives in Merriam will be revealed. Gangster continuing storyline, Bruce Merriam devastated by the loss, which was only the second man in her life she ever truly loved. Since the loss of her grandfather, ten years ago, was Meriem was so emotionally unstable. Follow her descent into madness as she unleashes the
Elephantmen #51
"Pick up the pieces", part one Farrell is a private detective who never gave a second thought Elephantmen-until he was paid.
Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #06
"Charlie Rose TABLE: PUBLIC BROADCASTING Satan," Part Two Todd gets in the crossfire between Charlie Rose and half-crazed demon hunter. Meanwhile, the main Hargrave continues to search for your ideal partner is black. Peggy sees a back-alley beautician about improving their appearance. And Gus finds a way to hide the fact that Sandy, well, was
Mara #6
34 pages | 53.2 мb.

Tags: Mara Brian Wood Ming Doyle Jordie Bellaire 2013
Conclusion! A few months ago, Mara prince of peace in his hand. Now the world is still completely rejected her, she has no place left to go. Or is it? The dramatic conclusion MARA here.

Mara #6 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Lazarus #04
"Family", Part Four Completion of the first arc. Forever moves to protect her family from the blood and steel, as the twins plot against his father is revealed.
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013
CBLDF LIBERTY annual income from Dark Horse Chief Editor SCOTT ALLIE voedinovse star roster of writers and artists in the war against censorship 48 pages of all new stories! Tim Seeley brings Hack / Slash back for what may be the most bizarre stories in the series, and the creator of the legendary Richard Corben tells opodzemnyh cartoonist back
The Accelerators #03
Two reluctant time travelers find themselves trapped in a nightmarish future where time travel has become a deadly game. Bertram was the favorite of the public, and forced to keep fighting in the Games. Meanwhile, Spatz is brought to meet the creator of the game and find out more about this strange future in which it is in a quandary.
Reality Check #02
Will having a bad day. A woman who broke his heart back, and she may actually have a thing for dark hour - a fictional character come to life from the imagination of Will. Meanwhile, hideous Devil-Inside stalks their every move, waiting for the right moment to kill them all.
Invincible Universe #07
The most mysterious member of the Board of Trustees receives a well-deserved vacation, but will be a day off to Le Brusier turn dog day afternoon? Plus, villainoussss returnssss threat!
The Activity #15
32 pages | 39.3 мb.

Tags: The Activity Nathan Edmondson Mitch Gerads
"Buddy System" While hiding from the authorities of Russia, Switchfoot and Fiddler trek through the ice of Northern Siberia to restore a fallen companion piece. Meanwhile, Weatherman and bookstore are located on the reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, and what they see ominous consequences have for the near future.

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