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Secret Identities #07
Double the size of the series finale! World frontline is shocked when the truth comes out of the side of cheating. It will have to survive the final victory of the offender? Everything ends here!
Secret Identities #06
30 pages | 52.4 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Brian Joines Jay Faerber
The conclusion of the hit superhero series' first story arc.
Secret Identities #05
31 pages | 50.5 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Luminary Brian Joines
Discover the origin of Luminary...and also the SECRET origin of Luminary.
Secret Identities #04
31 pages | 53.5 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Crosswind Punchline Vesuvius
The highlight must uncover the truth when she gets caught up in the Vesuvius battle against super-powered stalker. In the meantime, continue to manipulate one side of his new team, bringing him one step closer to learning the secrets of Front Line.
Secret Identities #03
29 pages | 48.1 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Crosswind Gaijin
Radioactive Zombie scorched leaves trail of destruction in its wake as Gaijin tries to keep her teammates learn the truth about her connection with the creature. Meanwhile, on the side is some leverage to use against one of his unsuspecting teammates.
Secret Identities #02
25 pages | 39.6 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Crosswind Gaijin Brian Joines
You are a super-team book continues! How Crosswind further ingratiates himself with the team, Gaijin finds her own affection test.
Secret Identities #01
32 pages | 50.4 мb.

Tags: Secret Identities Crosswind Brian Joines
Supergroup known as front line has just invited a new hero Crosswind join them. But what they do not know what is the mole Crosswind, sent to know all their secrets. And Front Line has many secrets. Writers Brian and Jay Faerber Joines and stunning art Ilias Kyriazis team and Charlie Kirchoff bring you a classic Action Team and the intrigue of the
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