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Vampirella Monthly Vol.1 #00-26 Complete
Vampirella on Drakulon, where vampires prepare for battle. And the leader of the opposing forces of Lady Death. The story continues in Vampirella and Lady Death crossover.
Honey West And T.H.E. Cat #02
Two iconic TV icons continue to heat it up together for the first time! Former cat burglar and aerialist Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat is back for the first time in 45 years! He puts your skills to effective use as a professional bodyguard - primitive and love is in danger! Now he teams up with the first lead female private detective TV. In 'Death in
Scam #05
30 pages | 52.1 мb.

Tags: Scam Joe Mulvey Deron Bennett
Explosive series finale in superhero series conman Joe Mulvey in! When the dust settles, someone will be left standing in Las Vegas?

Scam #05 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Scam #04
28 pages | 48.6 мb.

Tags: Scam Joe Mulvey Deron Bennett
With Crosswords preparing for all out war, and Tru and crew plan hangs in the balance, the team must make a final decision: whether it is time to fold or go all in?

Scam #04 (2014)

Publisher: Other
Peter Panzerfaust Vol.1 (TPB) - The Great Escape
136 pages | 167.4 мb.

Tags: Peter Panzerfaust Kurtis J. Wiebe Ed Brisson
The first volume PETER PanzerFaust, critically aclaimed rethinking the history of Peter Pan, set in the backdrop of the Second World War in France. Peter leads a group of orphans in their desperate attempt to escape the city of Calais, as the Nazi army offensive pushes inland. With great difficulty against them, Lost Boys survive a series of
Netherworld Vol.1 (TPB)
162 pages | 327.7 мb.

Tags: Netherworld Top Cow TPB
Top Cow Productions, Inc. and Heroes and Villains Entertainment present the next evolution of supernatural noir!
Honey West and Kolchak #01
33 pages | 31.5 мb.

Tags: Honey West and Kolchak Honey West Kolchak
Two top-level investigators in the same team titanic activity! Hedonism and high heels! Young reporter Carl Kolchak misses the ongoing investigation Honey West, which is under cover in a gentleman's club! Disappearing women entrГ©e, and as violence escalates and then gets out of control, and our heroes must fight to stay alive!
Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #08
33 pages | 67.4 мb.

Tags: Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Charlie Rose Gus Peggy
'TABLE Charlie Rose: PUBLIC BROADCASTING Satan Conclusion Our first Christmas issue! Souvenirs Bonus: Todd folding Origami with every issue! In this thrilling conclusion to the arc PBS, Charlie Rose unleashes the full force of his demonic power, a home pregnancy test Peggy caught fire, and Gus finds Todd is highly possible to restore virginity.
Atomic Robo - Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #04
Atomic Robo and his Action Scientists trapped in the Hollow Earth. If magma, monsters, two different armies, Dr. Dinosaur, or bomb set to destroy the previous 65 million years do not get them, Majestic 12 will! Because these guys invade Tesladyne island. Do not worry, there is still one more question for things worse.
The Manhattan Projects #17
32 pages | 40.3 мb.

Tags: The Manhattan Projects Nick Pitarra
'UNHOLY ALIGNMENT' Four secret programs of the Manhattan project faced. Old friends in a state of war, new alliances, and much treachery.
Rocket Girl #03
32 pages | 39.2 мb.

Tags: Rocket Girl DaYoung Johansson Brandon Montclare
"DOUBLE Reagent" Changing the future is hard to do. Sparks fly when DaYoung become Most Wanted in two different cities in New York. Police in the fight timestreams - 1986 and an alternate 2013 - want to be the girl. But what is going to take it inside a coordinated effort from the mysterious player that varies both worlds. "It's Amy Brandon and
Artifacts #33
33 pages | 41.9 мb.

Tags: Artifacts Matthew Strow Tilly Grimes Tom Judge
"The teacher and preacher" Top Cow publishes first winning team in 2012 Talent Hunt! Delight carrier and defrocked priest Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes numeromancer hot on the heels of a serial killer. But even if Tom can save the next intended victim, it was too late to save her soul?
Clone #13
34 pages | 69.5 мb.

Tags: Clone Luke Taylor David Schulner
Have you considered the moral and ethical implications of cloning? Balance between the resistance movement against Luke and clone changes here ... that will undoubtedly be the most intense yet CLONE question.

Clone #13 (2014)

Publisher: Other
Aw Yeah Comics! #06
33 pages | 44.7 мb.

ACTION CAT to the rescue as a fiery meteor falls to the ground! But more importantly ... Beautiful Downtown Skokie! Everything appears normal, except ... what happened to Shelley? ALSO! Villains of Action Cat become ... HEROES? That's right! The bad guys are the good guys! What's going on? Join us for the awesomeness of Action involving Cat aka
Jupiters Legacy #01 - Giant-Sized Edition
Millarworld joins forces with the image to give you the greatest Christmas gift of all time - the first three issues of Mark Millar and hit superhero epic Frank Quitely for the incredible price of only $ 3.99! Children's greatest superheroes in the world are struggling to live up to their parents' incredible legacy. Whether they can ever fill his
Mouse Guard - Fall 1152 (1-6 series + special) Complete
Very cute comic about mice. the action takes place in a fictional medieval. Mice are small, and all of them are eaten, so that travel between cities mouse passes guarded the best fighters mouse Mouse Guard. Comics drawn in a realistic style and very pleasing to the eye, though backgrounds are drawn schematically. Also, the format of the original
The Goon (Volume 2) 1-4 series + special
The Goon. Brute. Muscular thug, is the right hand of the mysterious mafia boss. True leader of the named Labratsio, has not been seen for a long time. All affairs run by Bruiser and his best friend - Frankie. Despite his occupation, and the appalling appearance, Brute often willing to help people. The truth comes to them is usually sideways.
Copra #11 - The Shape of Division
30 pages | 64.3 мb.

Tags: Copra Michel Fiffe
COPRA в„– 11 is the penultimate chapter in this new action comic book series written, drawn and colored by Michel Fiffe. With the status of an outlaw team and multidimensional adventure comes to an end, this issue introduces the latest, the final part of this vicious glove. Imprint: COPRA is a 24 page comic book in full color printed on cougar
The Bunker #05
26 pages | 36.4 мb.

Tags: The Bunker Joe Infurnari
The Saviors #01
30 pages | 28.9 мb.

Tags: The Saviors Tomas Ramirez James Robinson
Eisner Award winner James Robinson (Starman, Earth 2) and artist extraordinaire J. BONE (Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, Spirit) to submit all new saga monstrous alien horror. When Thomas Ramirez stumbles upon an extraterrestrial plot to take over the world, his life changed forever. Now he must look for those few souls who share this terrible
Aw Yeah Comics! #05
33 pages | 41.4 мb.

Adventures of our heroes , ACTION CAT and adventure continue BUG ! What happens when the Evil Cat zaps our hero with his mysterious new evil -RAY- 5000 ? You can expect a certain unexpected reaction ! Wow! Beware! ALSO ! What's this ? The left-hander has a plot to take over the world? Oh, say it is not so! Time to call the president ... then order
'68 Hallowed Ground
33 pages | 76.2 мb.

Tags: '68 Hallowed Ground Zombies Mark Kidwell
This special One-Shot dedicated LATE JOSH MEDORS and his family - a special story FOR A SPECIAL FRIEND . February 13, 1968 , a passenger train derailed in Streiner, Mississippi, where the living dead rotting mass of blocks tracks . Hundreds killed and a few desperate survivors are forced to hole up as best as possible within a small rural town .

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