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Fubar - By the Sword - Expanded Edition
From the castles of medieval England to the unstoppable armies of Genghis Khan, these 25 tales of zombie-stabbing action traverse the histories of the ancient world before the machinery of modern combat was perfected. These were brutal times when you either LIVED by the sword or DIED by the horde!
The Tick - Free Comic Book Day 2015
33 pages | 45 мb.

Tags: The Tick Arthur Jeff McClelland
Mark returned to FCBD 2015 with 32 pages of full-color comics fun! The All-New stories lead, tick & Arthur apartment haunted by the ghost of a mysterious past mite --- entity that claims to be the first mate tick, and it will not rest in peace until ... well, we can not give everything away! Plus a full color story fun showing mite! Great for fans
The Tick - Free Comic Book Day
This FCBD, NEC Press offers fans --- both old and new! --- Full-color 32-page comic book with a brand new FULL-LENGTH Tick stories! Plus all the exciting new features backup as well. "Day at the Beach" starts innocently enough for the tick, Arthur, bumbling Bee & his friends --- until Tick meets invasion force under the sea! The story is sure to
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