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Ghosted #04
Murder. False. Betrayal. Winters team of paranormal experts only scratched the surface of the horrors of Trask's Mansion. After the ritual gone wrong, they are next to be added to its horrible stories?
The Walking Dead Tyreese Special
Just in time for the premiere of the fourth season of the TV show! Tyreese, a character featured prominently in the season, gets the attention here. Special edition re-release of his first appearance of The Walking Dead # 7, as well as a new origin story, first published in The Walking Dead: Free Comic Book Day special.
The Walking Dead #115
Total war is on! The biggest storyline in the history of the walking dead - just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series! This is Rick Negan compared with a little help from the rest!
The Manhattan Projects #15
"FINITE OPPENHEIMERS, 'Part Two in-depth look at the second decade of the ongoing war in the brain Oppenheimer. It's an endless brothers against brothers: It's Civil War Oppenheimer!
Chew #37
"Family Recipes", Part Two This is to take your daughter to dinner day!

Chew #37 (2013)

Publisher: Other
The Illegitimates - Digital Preview
Download free comics The Illegitimates - Digital Preview
The Walking Dead #01 - 10th Anniversary Edition
The historic first issue of The Walking Dead is presented for the first time in full color extraordinary colorist Dave Stewart! Along with the original versions of covers and has done for this issue for many years, and tons of other bonus materials.
Think Tank #10
33 pages | 41.1 мb.

Tags: Think Tank Matt Hawkins Rahsan Ekedal 2013
Slacker genius Dr. David Loren made ??‹??‹a calculated Gamble, the U.S. government will never allow its latest virus DNA-targeting keep the air ... and lost. Whether it can mitigate the collateral damage caused by its deadly invention? Or he will lose everything he loves?
Miniature Jesus #05
MINISERIES CONCLUSION Stop me if you've heard it before: a recovering alcoholic, 8 'tall Jesus and Satan mummified cat walks into a bar. . . No? Then check out the latest installment of this series exclusively unorthodox and see how the punchline may not be what you expect.
2000AD 1853
RAAAAR! Gorehead is the host of the Cretaceous but if he can be tamed in 2000 AD this week? 2000 AD Prog 1853 on Wednesday, October 9 and continues with fresh new stories perfect for new readers - including working with Al Ewing, INJ Culbard, Ian Edington, Pat Mills, and Michael Carroll. Worldwide, available day and date digital through an online
Spawn #236
" consequences " Power corrupts! Corrupt power consume! The next chapter in the continuing evolution of SPAWN is here! Having survived the first round of his fight with the K7-Leetha, Jim seeks to make amends for past sins. But his fight for control is just beginning. While Jim is distracted by his enemies continue to pursue their own efforts,
The Eighth Seal #04
From James Tynion IV (author TALON DC) and digital pioneer rock Jeremy comes a new political thriller horror! There is something monstrous happens in Washington, DC - and the consequences can affect the balance of power in the world!
The Eighth Seal #03
A series of digital supernatural writer James Tynion IV and artist Jeremy Rock. From James Tynion IV (author TALON DC) and digital pioneer rock Jeremy comes a new political thriller horror! There is something monstrous happens in Washington, DC - and the consequences can affect the balance of power in the world!
Invincible Returns #01
This is a special stand-alone issue will bring readers new and old up to speed on your favorite comic superhero everyone. In the end, unbeaten returns to his old costume. After the shocking events Invincible War and the cataclysmic battle with Conquest, undefeated ready to turn the page to a bold new era
60 pages | 40.7 мb.

Tags: Spawn-Batman Alfred Batman Spawn 1994
DC Batman vs Spawn image. This is a companion piece of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Author: Frank Miller with art by Todd McFarlane. Batman goes to New York City to investigate a series of brutal murders, who apparently engaged in cutting the heads of their victims. The killer, conducts high-tech weapons and equipment, and wants to work
Solution #00-17 Complete
The decision heroes for hire, ready to take missions for a fee. In the Russian nuclear bases attacks Quattro, four ultra-powered mercenaries and their nuclear warheads were stolen. Meanwhile, the decision is in Hong Kong fighting the dragon Fang, Triad-largest group in the world. In the end, a KGB agent trying to hire a solution to stop Quattro
Sludge #01-12 Complete
The creature, sludge, selected from the sewers in Manhattan right in the middle of some of the gang members performing a drive-by. It inhibits their car, so they decided to try and kill him. After being shot and stabbed sediment learns of his healing abilities. Also, for the rapid growth of the cells in contact with human skin. We will learn about

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