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EGOs Vol.2 - Crunched
127 pages | 164.0 мb.

Tags: Deuce Pixel Stuart Moore Other comics EGOs
The chaotic super-team of the future must unravel a galactic mystery on two fronts: the lawless planet Tortuga and the stuffy halls of EarthGov. Collects EGOs #4.5 & #5-9.
Egos #07
33 pages | 42.2 мb.

Tags: Egos Deuce Stuart Moore
How crunched continues investigation of the ego "galactic conspiracy leads them to a paranoid schizophrenic and drunken cyborg. Plus: Deuce, leader ego actually talking to my wife!

Egos #07 (2015)

Publisher: Other
Danger Girl - Back In Black
Collection 4-packed edition of the series! Abbey and Sydney undercover to infiltrate an all girl gang of bikers after an Indian artifact was stolen. The girls take a wild ride in the dangerous world of espionage, motorcycles and black magic to track down a priceless piece!
EGOs Vol.1 - Quintessence
116 pages | 181.6 мb.

Tags: EGOs Vol.1 - Quintessence Deuce Pixel Stuart Moore
Far future action meets middle age crisis, as the aging hero recovers his former team. But to do this, he must cross the line with a wife who can not be uncrossed. "Ego is the best story Stuart Moore else." - Brian K. Vaughan "pushy and super fun with lots of edge." - Comic Book Resources Collects ego # 1-4, plus Twitter exclusive issue number 0.
Danger Girl - The Chase!
On the trail of vital and wildly volatile, portfolio risk Girls take what is the most insidious and dangerous hot potato game of all time! Abbey, Sydney, and Sonia to use any and all means to go through towns, cities, states, countries, continents (!) In their relentless pursuit to get and keep!-For unstable bomb ... before it starts the countdown
EGOs #03
33 pages | 53.7 мb.

Tags: EGOs Deuce Pixel
The first story concludes! Brand new ego band together to take down Masse, who is about to engulf the four inhabited planets. At stake: the lives of eight billion, the same team, and oh yeah: the marriage of their leader. Whether you're a true believer or wicked Communist, you should read the "tadpole and a sword!"

EGOs #03 (2014)

Publisher: Other
EGOs #02
32 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: EGOs Deuce Pixel
Hero-saga continues far into the future as Deuce, leader of the ego, "flies into battle with his army [censored] with. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Pixel have to deal with an army of new applicants team. Due: Costumes! Battles! Massa Living Galaxy ! blood and blood! Uncomfortable emotions!

EGOs #02 (2014)

Publisher: Other
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