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Grimm Fairy Tales - Return To Wonderland Vol.1 (TPB)

Grimm Fairy Tales - Return To Wonderland Vol.1 (TPB)

DO NOT Alice is not a little girl you once knew ; years have passed since she took her trip down the rabbit hole. Now a grown woman with her ​​family , Alice everything a man could want , all for her sanity, but ...

Calie Liddle was once a normal high school student with a loving family and a great guy. But in the shadows of her picture perfect life is always something to watch and wait. She never knew what it was, but somehow she always knew it was there, and it holds the answers to the questions that have defined her life.

As Alice's deteriorating mental health , Calie will discover the truth behind mother's illness when she pulled into the same area of ​​Alice went on for many years before. Now Calie must survive in a world where terror runs rampant , a place where adventures are just the beginning of Alice as she discovers the shocking truth behind what Wonderland really. Will Calie find the strength to avoid or she will be exposed to the madness that so many of his mother ?

Discover madness with no method and evil , light motive ... Discover a world that is Wonderland.

Collects issues # 0-6 .

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