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My favorite » » Star Wars - Infinities - The Empire Strikes Back #01-04 + TPB Complete
Star Wars - Infinities - The Empire Strikes Back #01-04 + TPB Complete

Star Wars - Infinities - The Empire Strikes Back #01-04 + TPB Complete

With the Death Star destroyed, Luke Skywalker leaves Hoth as a Jedi training with Yoda. Han Solo imprisoned in carbonite on Cloud City . Vader's dark secret is revealed . You know the story . Or is not it? ! In a unique infinity of the universe , not to take anything for granted. Have you ever wondered how it would play if Han never rescued battered Luke on Hoth's frozen tundra ? If Boba Fett arrived at Cloud City and had made ​​a deal with Lando ? If Vader revealed the secret Rebel information hidden in the C-3PO, the droid young Anakin Skywalker created ? Well, start wondering ! This mini-series that blows cap everything you thought you knew about The Empire Strikes Back ! This series contains more twists and turns than you ever expected , and culminates in a supernatural battle between two of the most famous - and infamous - living Jedi ever pick up a sword! It's all wrapped up in incredible lids steampunk Chris Bachalo. Do not miss the most spectacular view of the Empire Strikes Back you'll ever see !

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