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Star Wars - Legacy #10

Star Wars - Legacy #10

After the death of Palpatine and Vader's New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker became an authorized representative of the world in the galaxy. Imperial remnants made ​​their peace with the New Republic. However, the world was destroyed by the invasion of the galaxy Yuuzhan Vong. Republic collapsed, but in its place came the Galactic Union, which merged with the Imperial remnant - and other factions - for protection from foreign invaders. Peace was restored, and the rest of the Imperial Empire, declared himself again, though this time on the throne was not so terrible Emperor.
Meanwhile, on the planet Korriban secretly created a new Sith Order. Inspired by the dark knowledge discovered in the ancient Sith temples, they hatched a plan to regain the galaxy. On the way they were a Jedi ... especially one of them, named Skywalker ...

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