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Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II
The end of the story in the hugely popular game The Force Unleashed left the Star Wars galaxy poised at the brink of civil war. But before that can happen, the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader, have another plan already in play. The author of the original game, Haden Blackman , returns with a new story of treachery, deception, and the
Darth Vader #08
23 pages | 38 мb.

Tags: Darth Vader Aphra Boba Fett Luke Skywalker
The machinations of the emperor revealed! Everything changes for Vader! The tale of the transformation of Vader A New Hope for The Empire Strikes Back is going on!
Darth Vader #07
24 pages | 36.7 мb.

Tags: Darth Vader Aphra Boba Fett Luke Skywalker
The machinations of the emperor revealed! Everything changes for Vader! The tale of the transformation of Vader A New Hope for The Empire Strikes Back is going on!
Darth Vader #01- Director's Cut
In the chart-topping, critically adored the first release of Darth Vader returns comic stores in June this year for Darth Vader # 1 Director's Cut! Experience a monumental comeback cult Star Wars franchise in the House of the ideas from the first issue of which is the continuing series of blockbuster! Taking place immediately after the events of
Star Wars #06
25 pages | 36.5 мb.

Tags: Star Wars Boba Fett Han Solo Luke Skywalker
THE CONCLUSION OF “SKYWALKER STRIKES”! Luke vs. Boba Fett! Han Solo in hot water!
Star Wars #05
24 pages | 33.1 мb.

Tags: Star Wars Boba Fett Han Solo Luke Skywalker
BIG space adventure of all time goes on! As Luke returns home in search of the truth about his late mentor ... ... Leah Khan takes on a secret mission in the vital to the rebellion. Unfortunately, they both work in some hostile encounters.
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection - The New Republic Vol.1
When the empire falls, the New Republic rise! After Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, Emperor Palpatine dead - but can his loyal hands, Mara Jade, to complete her final mission of revenge? Replica assassin droid Guri also lost his master ... but as she fights for humanity, her brain Android makes it a goal! When rivals clash over Jabba
Star Wars - The Crimson Empire Saga
Blood-soaked tale of the last surviving member of the royal guard of Emperor Palpatine completed in one dust-jacketed hardcover edition! From places of redemption, the story of Cyrus Cano takes it out of the desert Yinchorr, in the halls of the Imperial government, and to the inner circle of the New Republic. Including a meeting with Darth Vader,
Star Wars - Agent of Empire Vol.2
When the current Count Dooku killed, and Boba Fett is framed for a young heir to act graph becomes a political pawn. Agent Cross has its orders, but when the boy left the fate of murderous uncle, angry bounty hunter, and two lethal ladies cross changes its mission! Guest starring Boba Fett, Princess Leia and Darth Vader!
Star Wars - Boba Fett - Death, Lies, and Treachery
Boba Fett pursues intergalactic magician who can hold the key to future Hatta.Delo that magician died just creates some problems for the bounty hunter ... not even the dead can avoid Boba Fett!
Star Wars - Blood Ties - Boba Fett Is Dead
News spreads from one end of the galaxy to another like wildfire: Boba Fett, the most terrible bounty hunter in the galaxy, is dead. But members of the team who killed Fett themselves being picked up one after another mysterious avenger, and Connor Freeman-son of one of Jango Fett clones gets drawn into the mystery. Freeman job against his will,
Star Wars Omnibus - Infinities
Collected here are three different stories, where happens differently than it was in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. Familiar players, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader-run on the new paths that send them to serious consequences and unexpected futures! Collects Star Wars: Infinity-New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back;
Darth Vader #01
34 pages | 47.7 мb.

Tags: Darth Vader Boba Fett Jabba The Hutt
The original Dark Lord of the Sith Star in his first ongoing series! Since then Darth Vader made his first on-screen appearance, he became one of the most popular villains ever to pursue dreams audience! Now, follow Vader directly from the end of the new hope (and in the pages of the new STAR WARS comics) in its series, showing a war with the
Star Wars - The Bounty Hunters
Galaxy Star Wars populated by thieves, rebels, and demagogues. Many carry a hefty price on their heads, be put in there criminal overlords like Jabba the Hutt or iron fist of the Galactic Empire. And where bounties are offered, bounty hunters will be there to claim them: hidden and merciless Aurra Sing, cruel and relentless Bossk, sly and
Star Wars - Boba Fett - Enemy of the Empire
Boba Fett was hired by Darth Vader to get a box on the success of the mission Fett, he discovers that Vader did not want to risk the Fett having knowledge of the content of the box, as they may give a clue to the galaxy, Fett and now considers himself a fugitive of the Galactic Empire. Set to Star Wars: A New Hope.
Star Wars Boba Fett - Death, Lies, & Treachery (TPB)
Bob Fett pursues intergalactic magician who can provide the key to the future of Hatta. The fact that the magician has died only creates some difficulty for the bounty hunter ... not even the dead can escape Bob Fett!
Star Wars - Empire Vol.1 - Betrayal
A few weeks before the events in Star Wars: A New Hope, as the Death Star will be prepared for its fateful first mission, the autocratic clique Grand MOFs and Imperial officers to embark on a dangerous plan to kill Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and seize control of the empire! When the word that "Jedi" made ​​an appearance on the
Star Wars - Blood Ties - Jango and Boba Fett
Here begins the story of several generations of honor and redemption, starring two of the heavy hitters in the Star Wars Galaxy-father-and-clone team of Jango and Boba Fett! Mission that begins with Jango Fett-before the Clone Wars-will affect the course of Boba Fett's life some twenty years into the future. When an important assignment with a big
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