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Lady Death - Apocalypse #02

Lady Death - Apocalypse #02

Artist Marc Borstel brings the number one bad girl comics to life in an exciting new Lady Death: The Apocalypse series! Join delicious horror, as we resurrect harrowing adventures of the oldest independent femme fatale in comics. Zombie soldiers pursued under the kingdom errand their mistress, the death of the queen. After its defeat, Undead no more ... until tonight! As the specter of long-forgotten Dire knights rises to revive the Curse of the Undead, Lady Death is going to discover that this is in contrast to the undead corpse warriors life she once won.

Comes with Regular and sultry covers Renato Camilo, with the smell on Pow Rodrix, auxiliary and alternative history of Juan Jose RyP, Camilo premium pure art and Art Deco Retailer Order Incentive cover by Michael DiPascale. Also, do not forget to check out the final edition collectible CGC!

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