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Young Avengers #15
After saving the world, there is the after party. And after the party, it's the hotel lobby. And around issue 15, we must clear the lobby, and then head to our rooms and do something fun rude. MIC-DROP!
Young Avengers #14
Solution ( 1 of 2) We gather in a nightclub , and there is a line connected and overlapping stories starring our cast. This is completely unprecedented approach to history in comics history . There's no parallel. We refuse to accept it. The team joined the Young Avengers all start throwing some people we really wanted . Each separate section
Young Avengers #13
This periodic plans include the amount above the industry average and the level of drama, conflict (both internal and external), action set pieces. It will include 20 pages of comic art. It prominently displays heroic attempts to save the world and kisses.
Young Avengers #12
Young Avengers against the "Young Avengers." Bets? What have you got? Loki's scheme reaches its final twist. Expect the team simply jaw dropped to the floor and lay there, twitching for the rest of the comic. Tempting offer for Noh-Varr can get an arrow through his head. Other romance-based drama, too, like to kiss the new planetary extinction.
Young Avengers #11
They say you can never go home. For young avengers, it's not true. They can go home. It's just that if they do, the universe might end. It is better not to go home, huh? Whatever you do, Young Avengers? You have decided to go home? GAHHKKH! You guys! Kate Bishop enemy in waiting? Is this the last we see attractive / strangle state Kid-Loki?
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