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Dark Reign - Made Men
Five brutal stories examining how changes caused by Dark Reign impact on the criminal community throughout the universe Marvel! Spies takes on dangerous assignments Norman Osborn! Attuma resurrected Doctor Doom! New Jack O'Lantern opposed to the police! Gamma Corps confronts Iron Patriot! And the new Enforcer marks his territory with a hood!
Code of Honor #01-04 Complete
Continuation in the spirit of miracles. This mini-series follows Cop New York, as it works through some of the most famous wonders of the events. If you've ever wondered what the actual police feel Marvel Universe, knowing that they have to deal with super food villains and heroes who come and steal the glory. This mini-series gives us a good view.
She-Hulk #01
24 pages | 34.2 мb.

Tags: Iron Man Mr. Luckberg Mr. Paine She-Hulk Thor Wrecker
Jennifer Walters IS ... She-Hulk ! Stalwart Avenger , a valued member of FF, the savior of the world on more than one occasion , it 's also a killer lawyer with a bunch of degrees and professional uvazheniya.7 feet tall drink cool, emerald water , it is enough to knock Galactus one hit (maybe? ) Tough and has a heart bigger than the Moon . But
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