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Swords of Sorrow Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler #01
Team-up installation swords sadness Gail Simone, showing that it is selected writer Leah Moore! Irene Adler has a lot of things in her young life, a fugitive, a master of disguise and a femme fatale, but even she was surprised to discover she made a hunter tracking wild enemies through the dirty streets of London. In the mountains of the world,
Dejah Of Mars #01
After the events of Warlord of Mars number 100! John Carter disappeared. And there is nothing to find his Dejah Thoris not break. No one, it will not hurt. No hornet nest it will not start. But Warlord of Mars Helium important artifact stolen before he disappeared, so that not only is she the princess this time - it has to get before anyone makes
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