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Legenderry - Vampirella Vol.1 (TPB)
From the pages of Bill Willingham's Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure... it's Vampirella, the immortal horror heroine, neck-deep in conspiracies and corruption. Against a Neo-Victorian backdrop of zeppelins and petticoats, the raven-haired adventurer stalks an alternate reality of danger and darkness in a tale by David Avallone and David T.
Legenderry Green Hornet #05
This is it - the culmination of a series of action! Green Hornet Hornet and cast brass with hidden ladies and BlackMass, and Kato and Grimes take deacons Tik-Tok in. It steampulp / kung fu madness!
Legenderry Green Hornet #04
Green Hornet and Kato team with Brass Hornet track Lydia Valcallan. But it is five miles Breed Tower, they walk, it is dark and they are wearing glasses. Oh, and every gang in the city is trying to kill them!
Legenderry Green Hornet #03
Big City Gang War heats up, and there is bounty on his head in the Green Hornet! Hornet and Kato begin their hunt for the secret architect of the war, which leads them to the headquarters of the most bizarre cult in the city, the cathedral clockwork. When the great and mighty Tik-Tok requests donations will be collected!
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